Delgado’s Whine-o

November 21, 2010

As delineated by Cristan Williams:

You Knew This Was Coming…Right?

November 20, 2010

Cristan Williams posted this on Facebook – something that seems to be another bit of evidence that progressives and real conservatives might actually occupy common ground when it comes to the TSA porn scan-n-searches:

Dear Cristan,

You’ve seen the news reports and heard the horror stories

The TSA’s new “enhanced pat downs” (i.e. sexual assault searches) and their “advanced imaging technology” (i.e. naked scanners).

Leaked x-ray images of men and women that show their naked bodies have flooded the internet.

Screaming children have been groped and woman sexually assaulted.


Bend over and prepare to take it.

And if that weren’t enough, TSA proudly trumpets their hiring policy of “Non-Discrimination.”

Yes, you know what’s coming next.

It’s the federal employee’s version of the Gay Bill of Special Rights and it’s infiltrated our government with the Transportation Safety Administration not excluded.

That means the next TSA official that gives you an “enhanced pat down” could be a practicing homosexual secretly getting pleasure from your submission. 

Or it could be any sexual pervert, homosexual or heterosexual,  or even pedophile that operates the “naked scanner”.

That means the next TSA official that operates the “porno scanners” you or your child or mother walk through could be lusting after the image on his screen.

The thought makes me sick.

But it’s all for your safety, they say.

It’s the terrorists. If you don’t submit to their humiliating fondling and photographing, the terrorists will win.

That’s hogwash and I won’t stand for it!

I want you to call your Senators and INSIST they respect the fact that:

1. Any unsolicited touching is assault.

2. Any unsolicited photography is an invasion of privacy.

Period. End of story.

Call the Congressional Switch Board at (202) 224-3121

Give the operator your state and say you have a message for your senators.

Thanks for standing up for our rights as we enter this holiday season.


Eugene Delgaudio

President Public Advocate of the U.S.

Looks like Eugene has been taking lessons from Barney Frank on how to turn around an obscenity issue to make the real victims into convicted-by-declaration criminals.

Now, in all of the MSM dustup about the porn scan-n-gropes, I have yet to hear of the brutalization of any pre-op trans women.  Perhaps all have been smart – and scared (because, after all, our plutonomous overlords only want all of us to be scared, not actually dead) – enough to stay the fuck away from any airport that allows the neo-Bushco-via-Rahm wet dream to play out.  But, I doubt it.  There have to have been some.  Yes, the non-trans breast cancer survivors and the kids and, well, everyone else, who are victimized by this are victims – but just as there is no such thing as a predatory transsexual woman in a women’s restroom (something Barney Frank knows despite handing the image to Lou Sheldon on the same silver platter that has held the remains of every trans person being memorialized today), there is no such thing as a predatory homosexual at the TSA gate.

If he wants to find those, he should go to mass – or to a meeting of the men’s Republican congressional caucus.

If you want to find it, give Eric Cantor a blow, er…, buzz.

The War is Over and Bin Laden Has Won

November 19, 2010

We are now a police state.

A Charlotte-area flight attendant and cancer survivor contacted WBTV after she says she was forced to show her prosthetic breast during a pat-down.Cathy Bossi lives in south Charlotte and has been a flight attendant for the past 32 years, working the past 28 for U.S. Airways.

In early August Bossie was walking through security when she says she was asked to go through the new full body-scanners at Concourse “D” at Charlotte Douglas International. 

She reluctantly agreed.  As a 3-year breast cancer survivor she says she didn’t want the added radiation through her body.  But, Bossi says she did agree.

“The T.S.A. Agent told me to put my I.D. on my back,” she said.  “When I got out of there she said because my I.D. was on my back, I had to go to a personal screening area.”

She says two female Charlotte T.S.A. agents took her to a private room and began what she calls an aggressive pat down.  She says they stopped when they got around to feeling her right breast… the one where she’d had surgery.

“She put her full hand on my breast and said, ‘What is this?’.  And I said, ‘It’s my prosthesis because I’ve had breast cancer.’ And she said, ‘Well, you’ll need to show me that’.”

A T.S.A. representative says agents aren’t supposed to remove any prosthetics, but are allowed to ask to see and touch any passenger’s prosthetic. 

T.S.A. says it will review this matter.

Uh huh…

They’ll review it to come up with ways to intimidate people into not going to the media about the insidious shit that these sub-minimum-wage thugs were given immunity by BushCo to do to sovereign American citizens who have the nerve to want to fly whilst not being perfect.

Or…They Can Donate the $83K to NCTE so The Quisling Can Clone Herself to Pay Herself Double to be Doubly-‘Effective’

November 19, 2010

Small wonder that the Party of Economic Treason was so eager to defeat Alan Grayson:

Only if HRC Gets to Define “Ally”

November 19, 2010

From the Dallas Voice:

Later today the Dallas ISD’s board of trustees will vote on a bullying policy that, if approved, would make the district the first in the state to specifically outlaw bullying based on actual or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity/expression.

Obviously one of the keys here is gender identity/expression, which covers not only students who are transgender, but also students who are perceived by classmates as not meeting gender stereotypes. Clearly, this is a major factor behind bullying — students who are made fun of, for example, for being “sissies” or “tomboys.”

So why, then, would a state representative who is considered an LGBT ally file an anti-bullying bill that includes sexual orientation but NOT gender identity/expression?

Rep. Mark Strama, D-Austin, last week filed HB 224, this session’s version of the comprehensive anti-bullying legislation that Strama authored in 2009. But for some reason, and we still aren’t exactly sure why, Strama has left out gender identity/expression this time. The 2009 version of Strama’s bill, HB 1323, which almost made it to the House floor, included both sexual orientation and gender identity/expression. However, this year’s version includes only sexual orientation.

We contacted Strama’s office on Wednesday, but we still haven’t heard back. Earlier today we spoke with Chuck Smith, deputy director of Equality Texas, who assured us he’s well aware of the omission. Smith said “gender identity/expression” was in every version of Strama’s bill  that Equality Texas reviewed, but suddenly disappeared from the version that was filed.

Because it all depends on what the definition of “ally” is.

You know…

Just like it all depends on what the definition of “progress” is.

When people of the HRC mindset – you know, people who have been ‘educated’ as to what sort of legislation is acceptable – get to define such things, racists like Alphonse D’Amato suddenly become ‘allies’ and a backlash to gay marriage that might erase existing trans right suddenly become ‘progress.’

Rep. Mark Strama, who’s considered an LGBT ally, may not realize how big a mistake he’s making by omitting gender identity/expression from his bullying bill.

Now, I haven’t lobbied in Austin in a while, but my eyes and my nose still work.

And I detect a rat in that big granite thing on Congress Avenue (well, another rat; Rick Perry’s hair and brain have been scampering around there for a decade already.)

HRC proper may not be there, but the acceptability that it has countenanced for the last several decades is.

Trans-positive things may well get included in bills by accident on occasion, but when they are absented it is on purpose – and the absenting is always drenched in gay greed.

Send appropriate thank yous to Elizabeth Birch, Winnie Stachelberg, Hilary Rosen, Barney Frank and all of their apologists.

Which Means…The Word “Marriage” Should Not be Uttered in Albany

November 19, 2010

But, of course, we know that where Marriage Derangement Syndrome settles in, it doesn’t go away – and when it metasticizes it kills trans rights.

From Gay City News (

Marriage equality advocacy groups showed something of a tin ear as they celebrated their success at converting State Senate seats from the “no” column to the “yes” list this year.

To be sure, five districts represented by senators who voted no last December — including three in Queens — have now elected representatives committed to supporting our right to marry. That is to the credit of the Empire State Pride Agenda, Marriage Equality New York, the Human Rights Campaign, and Fight Back NY.

It is also true that those pro-equality senators who lost their reelection bids were undone by factors wholly separate from their advocacy for gay marriage. The problem is that the number of such losses is at least one, perhaps as many as four, and in all likelihood three. Which means that the number of public Senate supporters of marriage equality will have risen by only two, to 26, in a 62-member chamber. The path to success on gay marriage in New York remains fraught, especially since, under the likely scenario, Republicans would retake the Senate. Only in the past month has the Senate GOP leader, Dean Skelos, signaled a willingness to consider allowing a second vote on the issue.

 So remind me again why gay marriage is even being discussed in New York?  There aren’t the votes for it.

Hmmm…isn’t that always the criterion of death when trans-inclusion in the federal ENDA is rationalized out of existence by people who never did anything to wotk for trans-inclusion in the first instance?

And speaking of ENDA – well, not really, but rather ENDA with a ‘G’:

Should the three undecided races result in either a continued narrow Democratic majority or a 31-31 tie, our Senate allies, led by Tom Duane, the out gay Chelsea Democrat who is the lead sponsor on both marriage equality and the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act, must press for assurances that whatever governing structure the chamber establishes allows both bills to receive floor consideration when we are confident we can prevail.

GENDA is likely at or very close to the number of votes needed for passage; its tabling by the Judiciary Committee in June was unconscionable. If Duane is to effectively lobby for more support on marriage, he must be able to assure his colleagues that their courage in stepping forward publicly will be reciprocated by a floor vote on the question.

If the Senate, as seems more likely at this moment, is led by Republicans, the onus will fall on Skelos to ensure fair treatment. When the GOP last led the Senate in 2008, leadership refused to countenance floor debate on either marriage or GENDA. At a Log Cabin Republican event on October 12, Skelos said he would take the question of holding another marriage equality debate to his conference for discussion. Though that statement has widely been misreported as a “promise” of another vote on gay marriage, Skelos made clear to Gay City News’ Duncan Osborne that he was only pledging to bring the matter up with his fellow Republicans. Clearly, advocates, especially Log Cabin, will have to work determinedly to ensure that Skelos translates a friendly cocktail party message into meaningful responsiveness to the goals of an important part of the New York State family.

Should the GOP, whose 30 members voted unanimously against marriage equality last December, take control, it will place a premium on the political capital our new governor, Andrew Cuomo, is willing to put into our battles. At the Pride Agenda Fall Dinner in Manhattan, the governor-elect said, “I don’t want to be the governor who just proposed marriage equality. I don’t want to be the governor who just lobbies for marriage equality. I don’t want to be the governor who just fights for marriage equality. I want to be the governor who signs the law that makes marriage equality a reality.”

Making something a reality in Albany is often not an easy or even pretty task. But amidst all the deal-making, often out of the public eye, the things that get done are usually what one of the major bargainers makes a priority.

And we all know who will never actually have getting rid of the special right of non-trans New York gays and lesbians to discriminate against trans people as a priority.

Thinking People Know What Threatens Children…And it Ain’t Gay Marriage

November 18, 2010

Who writes these guys’ material…Bruce Vilanch?

Bruce Vilanch on acid?

From the Catholic Weekly (

Allowing two men or two women to ‘marry’ would involve a fundamental change in our understanding of marriage, from a life-giving and sexually complementary union to a personal, romantic relationship with no true communion or connection to procreation, says Bishop Julian Porteous, auxiliary Bishop of Sydney.

But creating a self-perpetuating, pedophilia-based secret society that is all but immune from the law doesn’t constitute a fundamental change in what civilized human beings expect from people who claim to be emissaries of morality?

“It will entrench, in a public way, the separation of sexuality from its life-giving aspect and separate the notion of marriage from including the generation of children,” he said.

Yes, we all know how much you unmarried sexual terrorists care about children…

and what you care about doing to with them.