2011: Marking a Decade of Gay-Greed Illegitimacy in Maryland

December 31, 2010

In the immediate run-up to the Maryland Legislature giving gays and lesbians the right to discriminate against trans people in March 2001, a particularly insidious Maryland transphobe made the following declaration:

If B[altimore] A[ctivists] C[oalition] opposes the Antidiscrimination Act, it has taken an anti-gay position.

BAC, you see, was not too thrilled that the self-serving gay elite of Maryland had enginnered an anti-discrimination bill that left trans people out.  In turn, that organization had taken a principled stance against officially endorsing the gay-elite bill.

The particularly insidious transphobe, in turn, ‘opined’ that was an “anti-gay” position.


If taking a position against a bill that gives rights to those who need them the least and harms those who need them the most is not a principled stance but, rather, “anti-gay,” then – logically – isn’t taking a stance against trans-inclusion not a principled stance in favor of ‘incremental progress’ and ‘the politics of the possible’ but, rather, simply anti-trans?

In your heart – and mind, and every other part of your body – you know what the answer is.


Ten years later, the ridiculously over-coddled, rights-surplussage-addled Maryland gay elite has moved on to gay marriage….

like we all knew they would.

Eleven Years Later…You Tell Me What Has Changed

December 31, 2010

I’m sorting through deeply-nested – and long-forgotten – folders on my hard drive right now.  During this process, more often than not I run across duplicate copies of bits of research that I can chunk to free up space on the drive.  However, I occasionally run across non-duplicate items – and one that I’d forgotten about.

Below is a piece that I wrote in late 1999 (the file stamp says Dec. 13), probably for submission to the Texas Triangle.  I don’t recall if I ever actually did submit it, but it wasn’t one of my pieces that ranin late 1999 or early 2000 (I suspect it was a bit long – well over my theoretical 800-word limit.)

Take a look at it.

See what has changed in eleven years – and what hasn’t.

Monsters Mangling the Milieu in Their March to Millennium III

By Katrina C. Rose

Ten years ago I got bored rather quickly with all of the 1980’s end o’ decade retrospectives.  After all, the entire decade can be summarized in two words: Reagan and repression.

Seriously, those words pretty much encompass everything from the unconstitutional influence of Jerry Falwell on American government as well as said government’s willingness to ignore AIDS and the serious consideration given by some elected officials to quarantining all homosexuals.

Granted, if one wanted to expand the 80s summary a bit one could add: ugly men with ridiculous hair and no talent claiming to be rebellious heavy metal rock ‘n rollers.

On second thought, I think the word ‘repression’ covers that rather adequately as well – but, I digress.

One observation which I thought was interesting came from the late KTRH reporter Garvin Berry.  He noted that it was interesting that, as the 1970’s gave way to the 1980’s, the Oilers were preparing to meet the Pittsburgh Steelers in a playoff game, and as the 1980’s were about to end the Oilers were preparing to meet the Steelers in a playoff game. 

Ultimately, it seemed, nothing really changed.

Okay – enough about decades.  Let’s go for the big enchilada: millennia.

A thousand years ago, the world was in the grip of religious tyranny and the world is in the grip of religious tyranny today.

But it is changing; its getting worse.

The world of a thousand years ago was controlled by an incestuously interrelated cadre of nobility and clergy, insulated from any accountability to the people who they ruled and, in many cases, owned.  At its core, the America of today is scarcely any different.

Don’t think so?

Get real folx.  Where do titles of nobility come from?  Historically, they were dolled out by bloated, illiterate, syphilitic monarchs who claimed to be in the positions that they held because god had ordained it to be so.

The only difference between the rich bastards who have bought their way into the halls of American governmental power by virtue of non-titled, though money-laden familial perks and those who have drained from British society all vestiges of equality is a matter of generational degree. 

Granted, there are avenues to attain ‘rich bastard’ status independent of Da System,™ but they are inherently denied (to varying degrees) to almost all who are non-white, non-male, non-heterosexual and are stupid enough to play by the rules which those who run Da System™ say is the path which will lead to Da Reward.™

The liberal first-generation, allegedly-self-made millionaire typically has some sort of closet to protect or some bigotry of his own which he feels is okay to perpetuate (well-explaining all of the transphobic dollars which drench HRC.)

The conservative first-generation, allegedly-self-made millionaire is little different from the twentieth-generation, idle-rich upper-class twit who has innumerable special rights by virtue of the cumulative effect of a likely-embellished (in some cases, actually fake) family history which preceded the title of nobility and the ensuing generations who benefited from undeserved title-based special rights. 

He got it.  God wants him to have it.  God wants him to keep it.  God wants him to keep any of you who god obviously didn’t want to have any of it from getting any of it.  It builds on itself, crushing everything and everybody who is underneath it.

Religious discrimination.

Race discrimination.

Sex discrimination.

Sexual orientation discrimination.

Gender identity discrimination.

Religious discrimination.

A vicious, putrid circle.

Need anyone look farther than the Exxon-Mobil-Bauer fiasco to finally realize that, as a whole, American business will never voluntarily stop judging employees and applicants based on one religion’s dogma and begin to evaluate openly non-heterosexual people on the basis of their ability the force of law prods them to do so? 

Need anyone look farther than the insidious anti-homosexual and anti-transsexual legislation being ramrodded through legislative bodies by religious theocrats in order to finally realize that the goal is theocracy and nothing but a theocracy?

Need anyone look farther than the continuing insult to the religious autonomy of athiests, agnostics, Jews, Hindus and non-mainstream Christians by the Big Bad Bully Christians™ who refuse to accept ‘no’ for an answer in their attempts to recruit from those groups to realize that the goal is theocracy and nothing but a theocracy?

Need anyone look farther than the groups of death squads (more commonly referred to as gay-bashers and trans-bashers) that roam the nation as ad hoc ecclesiastical courts, passing and enforcing Levitican judgment and sentence against innocent homosexuals and transsexuals – with some now openly claiming the right to do so as a religious exemption to laws which criminalize murder to realize that the goal is theocracy and nothing but a theocracy?

A thousand years ago the world was in the grip of darkness – when official knowledge was controlled by the church and when any expression contradicting the religiously correct position of the church was capital heresy.  The hatred and intolerance which gave rise to the Inquisition was only simmering, waiting for Inquiisitors to turn up the heat.

As Millennium II gives way to Millennium III, any expression contrary to allegedly-majoritarian Christian religious correctness is deemed to be persecution of said allegedly-majoritarian Christians, even though no law in existence anywhere in the United States either criminalizes the Christian’s right to express views which contravene the plain language of the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land, or limits that right except insofar as it cannot be expressed at government expense.  When the Establishment Clause is mentioned, the theocrat shouts the lie that government refusal to endorse Christianity is government endorsement of atheism. 

In the same way that Islamic fundamentalists have assaulted the notion of secular government in the Middle East, radical theocratic Christians demand that government apply ‘Christian principles,’ which, of course, are their version of Christian principles. 

Law is a legitimate part of government. Religion is not and can never be – but when it is forced, by illegitimate means to be so, as it was a thousand years ago, an Inquisition will not be far behind and the phrase “equal protection of the laws” will be expunged from official American thought.

Peter LaBarbera, of the Inquisition-in-Waiting popularly known as the Family Research Council has stated the position of the radical Christian theocrat as succinctly as possible. “It is wrong to affirm homosexual behavior or ‘identity’ in any way.”

Unlike HRC, these people ‘get it’ on the inclusion issue.

These people, the Inquisitors of Millennium III, are not going to compromise any more than the Inquisitors of Millennium II did.  They will never accept us in government, in the workplace, in schools or anywhere in America in any way, shape or form.  Their goal now is the same as that of their centuries-long-gone predecessors-in-bigotry: to rid the planet – which they firmly believe that they have a divine claim to – of all gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered people.

Those of that ilk who speak of uniting in contradistinction to dividing mean unity in absolute, total and complete submission to their beliefs.

Oh – those two Oiler-Steeler playoff games?  The Oilers lost both of them.

Those were just games – a different opiate of the masses.  We can avoid losing this millennium – not to mention our freedom and our lives – but only if we fight.

Well, aside from Porno Pete having branched out into his own little (officially-designated) hate group….

So Much For The Notion That Being a White, Male Christianist No Longer Has Substantive Value (or, How America Has Had its Eyes Gouged Out And Has Been Thoroughly Skull-Fucked)

December 30, 2010

I can’t even bring myself to analyze this further, as some things should be self-evident but, apparently, are not.  I’ll just turn it over to Crooks and Liars:

Hey, Whoopi Goldberg and Dixie Chicks….Look what happens when the wingers slam the liberal black guy in the White House at a charity event, no less. That’s right. Nothing. In fact, it takes over 2 weeks for it to even hit the public airwaves.I’m not sure what makes me sicker — what he said or the fact that the crowd (and all those Marines) cheered.

Whoopi Goldberg didn’t fare quite so well in 2004 with Slimfast when she spoke at a Kerry fundraiser and mocked George W. Bush. And then there’s the Dixie Chicks, pulled off the air after criticizing Bush and the Iraq war.

And of course, let’s not forget DC Douglas, the GEICO voiceover guy who was fired after drunk-dialing FreedomWorks and letting them have a piece of his mind.

See, when you’re a spokesperson AND a right-winger,** I guess it’s totally ok to disrespect the office of the President of the United States and bash him at a fundraiser for little kids and military folks. Or not.

Can I Have a Water Bottle Also?

December 29, 2010

HRC has indeed had an ENDA-ectomy – not just a trans-inclusive-ENDA-ectomy, but a complete ENDA-ectomy:

Pee Wee poopeth:

We’ve got a lot of work to do and very little time to do it. We can make 2011 a year of even more progress for the LGBT rights movement.

Math alert, Pee Wee: For there to be “more” in 2011, there has to have been some in 2010 (DADT repeal was as unrelated to positive trans rights as New York’s 2002 SONDA), or – for purposes of your Wal-Mart-effect fundraising – at the very least there has to have been some progress that HRC was responsible for (The housing regs? Sorry, but we all know that was just the Obama administration doing the gAyTM CYA cha-cha.)

As a thank you, we’ll send you a handy USB car charger for your phone or iPod.

The likelihood of me insterting something with an HRC logo on it into any part of my car is only slightly higher than that of me of me insterting something with an HRC logo on it into any part of my body – and both likelihoods are on the down side of zero looking up.

A god of Malinformation

December 29, 2010

Pam’s House Blend has a post up entitled:

 The Truth Will Make Us Free: A Queer Year in Review

The author?

Rev. Patrick S. Cheng, Ph.D.

I’ve never heard of the guy – but “Rev.” always makes me suspicious – and my suspicions were not unfounded.  Sadly, I didn’t even need to get into his christoqueer primacy implications.

Anti-gay christians aren’t the only ones who are on the outside of accuracy and not even making any attempt to look in.

What were some of the truths about the goodness of LGBT people and our lives that were demonstrated in 2010? In August, the first fully-litigated U.S. federal court trial about same-sex marriage concluded that there was no rational basis for prohibiting LGBT people from entering into civil marriage.

I guess I missed that case.I was following Perry v. Schwarzenegger, which (rightfully) has no connection to trans-anything and in whose documents (from pleadings to briefs and on through the trial court opinion) one can barely find mention of anything remotely trans, and most of those involve the listing of amicus-filing organizations that have trans-something in their names or mission statements.

There were a number of other encouraging examples in 2010 of speaking the truth about LGBT people. For example, in September a Florida state court struck down an anti-gay statute that expressly prohibited LGBT people from adopting children in that state.

I’m glad I’m not licensed to practice law in Florida, because I know nothing about that statute or it being overturned, and I might have been subject to malpractice for not knowing about it.I am, however, familiar with this Florida law:

63.042Who may be adopted; who may adopt.-

(3)No person eligible to adopt under this statute may adopt if that person is a homosexual.

That law did not prohibit transsexuals from adopting, and, theoretically, the court decision which got rid of that law does nothing to prevent the FLorida Legislature from adopting a law specifically prohibiting transsexuals from adopting.

In December, the United Nations spoke the truth by voting to protect LGBT people around the world from extrajudicial killings and arbitrary executions, notwithstanding the strenuous objections of a number of member countries.

I guess I missed that one too.  I was too busy reading about this one:

The United States succeeded on Tuesday in getting the United Nations to restore a reference to killings due to sexual orientation that had been deleted from a resolution condemning unjustified executions.

Unless a delegation from the sovereign nation of Minnesota was responsible for authoring the definition of “sexual orientation,” that phrase is as devoid of trans-significance to the U.N. as it is to New York, Massachusetts, et. al.

As LGBT people, we must remain ever vigilant and hopeful that the truth of the fundamental goodness, and holiness, of our lives and relationships will free us from the sinful bondage of homophobic and heterosexist oppression.

Meanwhile, the chains of ignorance of and/or indifference toward the difference between “gay” and “LGBT” will drag the unprotected among us down.




Essential Reading From Monica Roberts

December 29, 2010

I’m just statin’:

Why Trans People Are Pissed About Being Legislatively Left Behind

…And the Rich Brats Who Think They ‘Earned’ Their Inheritances Need New Ferraris to Drive and New Supermodels to Fuck

December 29, 2010

All I Want For New Year’s is a Re-Animated Robespierre

December 28, 2010

I don’t know who disgusts me more: the teabagger governor who made this appointment, the dumbasses who voted for the piece of garbage, or the true parasite – the trust-fund mushroom who accepted the appointment.

It’s a golden era in government! No more wasteful spending or cronyism! It’s a brave new day, where integrity rules every single thing the new Tea Party politicians do: By the way, this same daughter, Lauren LePage, went to school in Florida, where she paid in-state tuition –because LePage’s wife violated tax laws by claiming residency in both Maine and Florida. (She was eventually ordered to pay back taxes).

But, of course, no one of the plutonomous elite ever goes to jail – the fate that would await a non-white, non-eilte person on the economic edges of society who might happen to scam teh same amount of money from a neo-God corporation.

In other words, business as usual. Teabaggers, you were suckered:

With the strong backing of the tea party movement, Maine Gov.-elect Paul LePage (R) rode a wave of discontent overbull semen taxes to a surprising victory last month, telling President Obama to “go to to hell” and warning a reporter that he would punch him in the face. On the campaign trail, LePage raged against a what he considered a corrupt state government and “pledged to surround himself with ‘the best and the brightest’ and to avoid political cronyism.”

But on Thursday, LePage announced that he had hired his own 22-year-old daughter for a position in the “upper echelon of his administration,” with a salary of $41,000, the Bangor Daily News reports:

Lauren LePage, 22, will serve as assistant to the governor’s chief of staff, John McGough — a position that administration officials describe as entry-level and is commensurate with her experience, work history and education.

LePage, a recent college graduate, will be a salaried political appointee earning approximately $41,000 a year, according to Dan Demeritt, incoming director of communications in the LePage administration. […]

[…] there are no rules barring Maine’s chief executive from hiring family members.

According to the current administration, the average entry level salary is $30,000.” Indeed, the minimum starting salary for a certified teachers in Maine is only $30,000 […]

And as Maine progressive blog Dirigo Blue points out, LePage’s daughter will also bemoving into the governor’s mansion with her father. With taxpayers footing the bill for her rent, utilities, food, and other expenses, “Not only will Lauren be earning $41,000 in direct income, but she’ll be making another $12,000 or more indirectly.”

One can only hope that Lil’ Lauren and her bloated daddy each soon receive rude introductions to “unrelenting justice.”

Tiki Claus

December 26, 2010

And now for the bad news: All of the reindeer were killed by falling icicles (I’m all for having the right to stone out on ‘shrooms, but doing so on the clock isn’t exactly a good idea, ya know?  You might think that four-foot-long, three-inch-diameter icicles are reindeer supermodels who are horny for geekdeer with red noses.)

Good Questions…

December 24, 2010

for the Quisling (though Alex Blaze at Bilerico poses them in the abstract.)

From about halfway through 2009 (before which hate crimes legislation was the only LGBT issue that got any attention in Congress) until early 2010, ENDA was the big LGBT bill that everyone thought was going to pass first, what with its huge public support, the hearings in both the House and the Senate on the bill, and the fact that it had passed (albeit without gender identity protections) in the previous Congress.

But it kept on getting punted down the line as Congressional Democrats kept on making promises they wouldn’t keep regarding its passage, and the gaystream’s attention turned towards DADT repeal because it’s a big, shiny object that makes for good press and parades and stories about heroes serving their country (as if people who work in other professions do jack taco for others), so DADT repeal it was.

If Obama (and, by extension, Democrats) had a clear reason for putting DADT repeal before ENDA, then why did both the House and the Senate hold hearings on ENDA in 2009? Why were we constantly hearing about them scheduling mark-ups and then not following through on ENDA? If DADT repeal had to happen before everything else, why wasn’t the administration or the Democratic leadership in Congress pushing for it in 2009 so that there’d be time for other bills later? Why didn’t the push for DADT repeal start earlier than this year’s Defense authorization bill, and instead start on, say, last year’s Defense authorization bill? Was the Matthew Shepard Act already enough queerness for one big bill?

Blaze adds:

[S]traight media has already forgotten that job discrimination against LGBT people even occurs and they’re back to their one-track focus on marriage. It’s a bright shiny object, complete with cakes and music and dresses and easy jokes, while ENDA is the beginning to a lot of boring lawsuits.

Straight media?  Don’t you mean straight media as well as gay media and GLB(astroTurf) organizations?  You can easily recognize the ones who have Marriage Derangement Syndrome: Theyre the ones whose mouths are moving.

The ink of Obama’s signature on the ‘trans? what trans?’ DADT repeal bill isn’t even dry and Gay, Inc. – as well as, seemingly, most of the voices that were calling for Joe Solmonese’s head less than two weeks ago – have just moved right on to DOMA, with not even the slightest effort at even pretenfing to acknowledge that ENDA (legit or St. Barney’s) ever was a priority….

which, we are now learning, it wasn’t.