FLASH! White Man Overdoses on Sexual, Racial and Religionist Privilege!

That white man in question is far-too-well-known-for-civilized-society’s-good, Bill Engvall impersonator Dave Welch.

What gives me the right to tell you what you are doing is wrong? What gives me the right to say that your lifestyle is destructive and to say it cannot become the “norm” for society?

Here’s the factually accurate answer to that, Dave (I know, I know…everyone has seen how poorly you deal with facts…

… and everyone knows you represent people who believe that facts are irrelevant, but until you and your buddies actually manage to rig a presidential election for Sarah Palin, my constitution trumps your book of fairy tales.)

The answer, Dave: Nothing.

Nothing gives you that right, because you do not have that right.  The white men who came before you didn’t either – though they did have the power to bully people into living according to their (and, by extension, your) whims and they had the power to enslave, imprison and kill anyone who wasn’t white or submissive enough for their liking.

And there’s the real punchline.

The wetdream world o’ Dave is built on submissiveness – of the masses.  

Yet the title of his WingNutDaily screed?

 Will the Last Masculine Institution Fall?

The only masculinity that the projection-addled, closeted homosexuals of neo-Inquisition pseudo-America want is the veneer of visual masculinity in their rentboys.


Here’s your sign:

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