What Do You Expect From an LGB(T) Organization That Still Has No Problem Employing a Non-Trans Person as its Trans ‘Expert’?

Finding myself in agreement yet again with something at AmericaBlog is the sort of thing that just makes me want to go ahead and stay up another three hours to watch the HBO west coast feed of Watchmen.

Believe it or not, the Task Force, a group that used to actually aggressively advocate for equality, now claims the gay community has not questioned Obama’s commitment to our issues. From Politico:

Laurie Young, the director of public policy at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, said there was never any question in the gay community on the intentions of Obama.

“He has stated very clearly that he wants the Senate to move as quickly as possible and that he wants this done legislatively – I know that he very much supports it,” she told POLITICO. “My hope is that it will be done swiftly through the lame-duck session.”


Does anyone at the Task Force talk to people in the community or read LGBT blogs? Christ, the disillusionment with Obama among the LGBT community has been so pervasive that it’s been a consistent story in the traditional media, too.

Over the past couple years, the Task Force has been pretty much missing in action. But, they’ve shown up at White House parties and meetings — and Rea Carey attends the insider’s Common Purpose meeting. So, they’ve morphed into a mini-HRC.

Where’s Rorschach…

…when you really need him?

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