More of What Rahm Wrought

Rahm Emmanuel must be the most sexually perverted turd this side of Peter LaBarbera.  


For him to ‘guide’ the Obama Administration into turning 2010 into not 1994, but 1994 on Viagara, he must have some sort of disgusting fetish for watching real Americans’ lives be sodomized by christo-corporatist Republicans.

That’s actually the only rational explanation; I don’t think its possible for someone to simply fuck things up as badly things went in this election without purposefully setting out to do so.

From the Houston Chronk:

The media focus has been on Republican gains in Congress and the Legislature, but the long-term devastation for the Texas Democratic Party occurred statewide in wipeouts of Democratic county officials. The training ground for Democrats, particularly in rural areas, is dwindling fast.

‘Yellow dog’ country

More than 105 Democratic county officeholders, including 16 incumbent county judges lost their re-election bids. Only one Democratic county judge up for re-election survived. Victoria County Judge Don Pozzi captured another term on his 63rd birthday.

Republicans swept Galveston and Hays counties. Harris County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia lost. And the Yellow Dog Democrat country of East Texas — where even a yellow dog could win if it ran as a Democrat — passed into history from Texarkana to Beaumont.

“The untold story is the takeover of the counties,” Texas Republican Chairman Steve Munisteri said.

The party is expecting to have a net gain of about 300 elected officials by the time all the information is gathered, Munisteri said. The Republican Party held 802 local, state and federal offices in 1990. After Jan. 1, 2011, the Republicans likely will hold about 1,673 elective offices in Texas, Munisteri said.

Thank you, Rahm!

Don’t even think about going back and trying to give us another once you’re disqualified from running for mayor of Chicago.

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