The Rubicon

If HRC cannot be stopped from doing this, we are truly doomed:

What fresh hell is this? HRC is moving into Harvey Milk’s old camera shop in the Castro? Methinks “insult” is a little too dramatic understated.

In what some grassroots gay activists are calling an “insult,” the Human Rights Campaign is about to move into the location of Harvey Milk’s old camera store at 575 Castro Street. It will be the new San Francisco “action center” providing information on the work of the HRC and a store offering HRC merchandise.

In a press release, the organization is painting the move as a marriage of two greats in the gay civil rights fight: “We are the beneficiaries of [Milk’s] groundbreaking activism and are honored to be part of the future he envisioned,” said HRC president Joe Solomonese.

What’s next? Removing the Mona Lisa’s face and replacing it with the Wal-Mart smiley face? Slapping the Amazon logo on Michelangelo’s David statue? Flying the Google flag over Buckingham Palace?

Sticking a T in its own mission statement and HRC calling itself an LGBT organization when, in reality, its done more to undermine trans progress than Lou Sheldon, Barney Frank and Mara Keisling combined?

Oh wait…

They did that a while back, eh?

Not that I’ve had a whole heckuva lot of use for what’s come out of the Bilerico Project recently, but Bil nails this one:

Harvey Milk’s camera shop deserves to be a historical landmark and not a spot to push messenger bags and mousepads emblazoned with the HRC logo or Harvey’s face. Harvey fought without the support of the rich bastards who dabbled in politics and urged him not to upset the status quo; he didn’t try to sell them water bottles.

Seriously, what is the Rhode Island Avenue Cesspool’s goal in doing this other than to simply suck more money out of the LGBT community?  Who is HRC going to ‘educate’ on Castro Street?  Not being a San Franciscan, I almost feel uncomfortable casting judgment – but I have been there a few times and I do have some other reference points that, I think, allow me to do this bit of analysis:

  • I think its a safe bet that everyone who lives in the Castro knows of HRC’s existence.
  • And though, sadly, I presume that there are some Castro residents who are more David Goodstein than Harvey Milk, I also presume that all combatants in the reality-vs-delusion war over what HRC really is have long since made up thier minds and aren’t likely to under go any convertin’.
  • Moreover, I presume that, probably with the exception of trans-inclusion, all combatants in that reality-vs-delusion war over what HRC really is nevertheless already support the general goal of LGB(T) equality.

Which leave HRC’s local purpose for being there as….what?  Education on trans issues?  Well, we all know that HRC is absolutely spiffy when it comes to that, eh?

Let’s get real.

My analysis re: Castro residents likely extrapolates out to residents of the entire city – and probably to residents of the Bay Area who ever go down to the Castro.

So what’s the HRC deal?

Who is the Scampaign going to be targeting?

The money of LGBT tourists – people who may have never been to SF before and may never get there again.

People from, say, Minnesota – like the woman who I was partnered with when we went to SF 10 1/2 years ago.


People from, say, Illinois – like my current partner, who, thus far anyway, has only been to SF – and the Castro – once.

Yes, HRC will be targeting these people.

HRC is maneuvering to ensure that, instead of spending X number of dollars spent in local restaurants or legitimate Castro-area merchants, LGBTs on, perhaps, their one and only trip to NoCal Gay-Land will fork over that X number of dollars to Joe Solmonese’s retirement fund, money that will wing its way to DC faster than the money that you spend at Wal-Mart wings its way out of your local economy and into the Walton Family Vaults in Bentonville, Arkansas.

The Scampaign…

Its now worse than a gay Wal-Mart.

7 Responses to The Rubicon

  1. Dalyn says:

    I have a question regarding the published versions of ENDA online. I know there was a lot of controversy surrounding HRC’s exclusion of the trans community; however, when I read the wording of the actual legislation online it did protect gender identity and expression. I’m confused here, please help me out!

    • Katrina Rose says:

      The only versions of ENDA that have included trans-anything are the initial 2007 version – HR 2015 which Joe Solmonese openly lied about supporting and which was quickly scuttled in favor of the ‘classic’ HRC language (HR 3685) – and the 2009 version, which (1) was never really intended to go anywhere and (2) if somehow it did gain traction, was going to be scuttled in favor of language that (a) looked trans-inclusive but actually would not have been, and (b) was going to come with the pre-approval seal from NCTE, the organization that looks like its a trans organization but actually is not.

      Prior to 2007, HRC’s operatives lobbied Congress explicitly not to include trans people in ENDA, and all versions of ENDA actually introduced contained the ‘classic’ gay-only HRC language (this includes a mid-90s version which actually had been drafted to include trans people but, because of intense anti-trans lobbying by HRC, was never even formally introduced.)

  2. Dalyn says:

    Wait!! What about H.R. 3017 which is currently pending??

  3. Lincoln says:

    OMG, the idea of them moving into The Camera Shop!!! In the name of all that is sacred, that is such an insult. Talk about peeing on a historical monument.

    I think I just lost my appetite for today.

  4. Kelli Busey says:

    Kat, as always you are absurd with your posts. Vile. Disgusting. Yes, that sums you up.

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