Guillotine Watch

From the Petrelis Files:

I looked around the web today for a listing of all the folks who’ve called for Joe Solmonese to step down as executive director of the Human Rights Campaign, for various and sundry reasons, and could find no such listing. Let’s get one started, small as it may be at this point, just to keep track of the names of gays and others who want Solmonese to go.

The folks on the list have their own motivations for wanting Solmonese’s resignation, and some also recognize it will take much more than him leaving for HRC to genuinely evolve and improve.

My personal view is that the top slate of HRC executives and the board of directors need to also step down. Heck, why stop there, I really want the group to just disband and stop its damage to the gay community. Their building can be used to house convicted lobbyists and other white-collar criminals.

It already does – simply ones who have managed to avoid prosecution.

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