And For Your Sports Law Final Exam Essay Question, We Have a Video Daily Double

There’s a reason that there aren’t criminal charges for all of the hitting, etc., that occurs on football fields.  Its all an expected part of the game; if you play ball, you consent to that sort of physical contact.

Being tripped by a coach from the opposing team?

Well, if it doesn’t end up on final exams in sports law classes this semester, I’m sure it will in the Spring.


The best reaction to it that I’ve seen:

The bartender at Buffalo Wild Wings told him to do it.

A more analytical (albeit coarse) reaction:

I hate the Dolphins (Bills Fan here) but this is just a shitty, douchebag, scum move. This shows why the entire Jets organization is a bunch of low life-dirt bag trash. Fuck ’em. The Jets are the pure scum of the NFL.

I’m not even going to blame the franchise, but keep in mind that the current Jets head coach’s father was (still is?) a bit of an asshole as well:

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