Apparently, now there will be no reason to exit off of I-25 between Raton, NM, and Pueblo, CO.  Trinidad’s:

marquee personality, gender-reassignment surgeon Dr. Marci Bowers, had left for good.

Back in the 1980s, her predecessor, Stanley Biber, fought back – successfully – against poroposed malpractice insirance regulations that would have drivin him out of the state. 

Bowers’ reason for leaving?

Biber died in 2006, and by then Bowers — who first came to Trinidad as Mark Bowers — had taken over the practice.

Bowers, though, had no intention of being quiet about it.

Her work has been recorded in documentaries, magazine articles, TV shows — attention she has welcomed, even courted.

Mt. San Rafael Hospital, not so much.

Bowers views the publicity as part of her work.

“It’s important. It educates people,” Bowers said.

The hospital viewed it as an intrusion, an inconvenience and a royal pain. Crews dragging cameras, wires and microphones through the 24-bed hospital disrupt patient care and cost money, said chief executive Jim Robertson.

That prompted an unusual policy. Media must get hospital permission 60 days in advance before visiting and pay for access.

It was that policy, Bowers said, that drove her away.

“In September, I finally said, ‘Look, if I’m going to stay here, we’ve got to address this media policy,’ ” she said.

The hospital and its board weren’t about to do that.

“There are many residents of Trinidad who would like to have the city known for something other than gender-reassignment surgery,” said board member Dr. Jim Colt.

I’m with Bowers on this in principle given that Colt’s statement pretty much obliterates the legitimacy of the other stated concern over inconvenience.


Just how many reality shows does she want to do?  How many can she do?

And how often is there really the need for real media stories about Trinidad SRS?  Pre-Bowers, you’d see one on Biber every few years or so – each done by a reporter who acted as if no one had ever previously noticed that SRS was being performed in Colorado and none really saying anything new (and, to be fair, other than the Geraldo Rivera experience, I never noticed any that were actually bad; one word: crabapples – and if you saw that one, you know what I’m referring to.)  But how many of these really need to be done?  And how many couldn’t stand advance scheduling?

Again, though, I’m with Bowers in principle.  Colt’s showing of what cards actually are in his hand indicates that Bowers was probably dealing with a bunch of dicks (pun intended) who would rather have the town’s hospital and economy die than be connected to transsexualism (what are they going to do to replace the economic impact of all of her patients visiting Trinidad for weeks at a time – build a Janice Raymond-themed amusement park?)  

However, I’m a bit cynical (understatement intended.) 

Keep your ears open for the sound of another shoe-drop.

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