With Help of Fox ‘News’, Christianists Demand Special Right to Vandalize Public Property

Ed Brayton details the “Latest Christian Persecution Myth.”  Not surprisingly, Fox ‘News’ is at the center of it:

I somehow missed this when it came out a week ago and it’s pretty amusing. Fox News puts out an article declaring that a school in Florida was so anti-Christian that it banned the use of traditional Christmas colors like red and green from the classrooms — without bothering to call the school to find out if it was true.

The school saw the article and sent them a statement saying it was categorically false and informing them that any such instruction — the article claims it was spelled out in a letter sent to all teachers and parents — would be a public record if they wanted to request it. So Fox printed that statement. And added a question mark to the headline.

Brayton noted that the comments to the story show the degree to which the sickness of christianism deviates brains from rational thought processes:

There are always a little truth to rumors………….they probably did contemplate this very thought….but did not follow through knowing the flack they would have to face………LOL ; – ))

How about those ‘rumors’ about who actually gave birth to Milfy McMooseburger’s “fifth” child?  But my favorite, though, is this one:

Students should go off hours and paint the school red and green and shove a tree topper up the principles you know what! Take our country back!!!!!!!!!!

And, yet, if someone arranged red and green in globs that in any way looked like, say…

they’d be accused of forcing Islam on good, fine, clean christians.

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