HRCLeaks – The Time Has Come

As much as I harp on HRC being completely a  disease and unredeemable to any degree, I tend to fail to mention something that I’m occasionally reminded of: some people who work there are not like  the others.

Now, I’m sure this is true – but I don’t think its anywhere near as many of the semi-apologists who tend to nudge me with that reminder think it is.

But, irrespective of how many it may be…

Its time for all of you to show your true colors: Is it the HRC logo? Or is it the rainbow flag?

No matter what you’ve done (or not done) during your employment tenure on Rhode Island Avenue, you have a chance to redeem yourself.

Are you Richard Nixon?  Or are you Daniel Ellsberg?

Are you Dick Cheney? Or are you Julien Assange?

If you really believe in LGBT equality – and want the LGBT community to be able to move forward from the stagnation that you know your employer is in large part responsible for – then you’ll do what should have been done a long time ago: Open HRC’s books, whether HRC wants them opened or not.

If there’s nothing incriminating, then what will be the harm?

But of there is evidence that HRC has been subverting not just trans political progress but the political progress of all LGBT people, then what is the bigger harm?  Exposing it?  Or letting the subverters get away with it?

To whatever degree that there ever was a social compact between the institutional behemoth that is HRC and the people it claims to speak for, HRC has long since broken it.  It has no moral authority to cry foul – or cry at all – over anything that might hereafter become elements of its institutional disinfection.

So now…

Its your move.

2 Responses to HRCLeaks – The Time Has Come

  1. Kathy says:


    I hear Joe S bought his Dolce & Gabbana suits at TJ Max.

    The horror!!!!

    Or was that his Squirrel Girl Underoos?

    (“Her ability to control squirrels is surprisingly powerful, and has allowed her to defeat major supervillains……her squirrel sidekick, Monkey Joe. Monkey Joe was smarter than an average squirrel; he even proved adept in the use of computers.”

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