Memo to Richard Grenell: Trans People Have Been Demanding This For Over 15 Years

In the HuffPo:

Gay Americans from outside Washington should demand that they stop sacrificing progress to further their personal political careers.

Who is Richard Grenell, “Longest serving U.S. Spokesman in the history of the United Nations” (?), talking about?

The entrenched gay leaders in Washington, DC, have spent the last two years blaming Republicans for the fact that they themselves have struck out on Capitol Hill and will end the 111th Congress with nothing to show for their multimillion-dollar fundraising efforts. If this were a public company, the Board or the shareholders would have run these leaders out of town a long time ago.

Despite campaigning for decades to put Democrats in control of all of Washington, their dream ticket of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama failed to deliver what the gay leaders themselves promised the movement. Led by Joe Solmonese of Human <sic> Right Campaign and Aubrey Sarvis of the Servicemen’s Legal Defense Network, gay leaders have been tripping over themselves to protect President Obama from blame for not making the promised progress on gay equality. Solmonese and Sarvis are the faces of the most expensive failed gay campaign in history. Other gay leaders in Washington also have turned their comfortable and high-paying perches into a safe haven free from the consequences of job performance evaluations.

It’s time we found some young gay leaders who will work for equality and not be concerned about pleasing the Democratic Party.

I guess trans leaders – young or middle-aged – are right <non-sic> out, eh?  But what would one expect from a call for something legitimate (a Rhode Island Avenue guillotine) thatg smellls an awful lot like neo-Log Cabin Crap:

I am not suggesting we dismiss the GOP sins of advocating for small government policies while practicing intrusive, big government tactics. But Republicans who advocate laissez-faire principles can be great allies, just as liberal Southern Democrats can be strong opponents working against us. But Solmonese and Sarvis have never seen it this way. For them, it’s all a process to help the Democratic Party win more seats. And for this failed strategy, they should be judged harshly.The partisan leaders of the gay and lesbian movement in Washington have spent endless political capital telling us that we would be better off if all of our elected officials were Democrats. They have spent millions of dollars trying to convince us that we will be taken care of by a partisan Democratic America.


It IS neo-Log Cabin Crap.

We could literally set up a guillotine on Rhode Island Avenue and force every employee and board member of the Scampaign to, um…, get jiggy with it. 

And then we could re-populate the Neiman-Marcus-Xmas-catalog-purchased HRC castle with the conservaqueers that apparently are making this guy moist thinking about…

But what would that do with respect to:

  1. The entrenched mechanisms of how both houses of Congress operate; and
  2. The christianist psychosis – masquerading as ‘common sense’ economic populism – that has altered the DNA of the Republican Party officeholding elite?

Real people know what the answers are to those – and real people know that the fully-genetically-mutated Republican Party of 2010 is only slightly less likely to support the substantive legislative changes that real, living LGBT people need than was the proto-mutation version of 1995….

You know…

The Republican Party that Log Cabin-oids of the Clinton-era claimed would and should be our saviors (the trick being, of course, to ascertain their definition of “our.”)

If there is one lesson that the Obama Administration should have learned over the last two years is that the word “bipartisanship” should be expunged from any dictionary on any shelf in D.C.  The solution to what has (not) happened, however, is not to double down by snorting a second line of bipartisanship cyanide.  Sadly, we’ve seen that this is exactly what Obama is going to do  (and, in reality, already has done via his political re-animation of Mr. Triangulation.)  It damn sure isn’t what LGBT political organizations should do.  (Yes, it worked in Minnesota in 1975 but I hope I am not needed to point out that DC isn’t Minnesota and 2010 isn’t 1975.)

It is painfully obvious that the national gay leaders have promoted their own partisan agendas and careers within the Democratic Party instead of working to ensure passage of civil rights.

I can agree with this sentence – but I feel obligated to point out that this was obvious to trans people fifteen years ago.

And its not as if we kept our opinions to ourselves.

Of course, the fact that we didn’t keep our opinions to ourselves allowed the incestuous gay elite to refuse to hire any of us and then engage in a circle-jerk of rationalization for fifteen years.

The real tragedy is that gay leaders in Washington don’t have enough moxy to move their own political party — the party that controls the White House, the Senate and the House. It is a sign that they either don’t have the skills to make political progress or are too close to the Democratic leadership and therefore unwilling to make the necessary push.

Again – he’s presuming that any of them actually had accomplishing anything as a goal.  It has long been clear that the non-trans-specific systemic disease pulsing through the veins of the Rhode Island Avenue Riviera is not an inability to accomplish what non-DC LGBTs want, it is not actually having what non-DC LGBTs want as any goal whatsoever.

We can do better and we should start by demanding for Somonese’s and [SLDN’s Aubrey] Sarvis’ resignations.

Sounds like a typical Obama Administration ‘compromise everything away from the start’ maneuver.

We should start by demanding that HRC shut itself down, open its books to the people it has claimed to speak for (as well as to the civil and criminal authorities), and liquidate its assets for distribution to the state and local organizations that actually have done work over the last three decades.

If we start by only demanding that Solmonese quit, what we’ll get is a press release from the HRC BoD – hand-etched on a Dolce & Gabana logo-emblazoned crystal vase – that reads something like this:

To our good and loyal members and donors:  After pondering deeply the general trends of the world and the actual conditions obtaining in D.C. today, we have decided to effect a settlement of the present situation by resorting to an extraordinary measure.

We have ordered our P.R. people to communicate to you that our Board acknowledges the attitude of disgruntlement currently festering among those for whom we have arrogated the right to speak.

To strive for the common prosperity and happiness of all gays and lesbians well as the security and well-being of our allies is the solemn obligation which has been handed down by our predecessors and which we lay close to the heart.

Indeed, we worked as we did for the past several years out of our sincere desire to insure the self-preservation of gay people and the stabilization of our rights, it being far from our thought either to infringe upon the goals of our allies or to embark upon personal financial aggrandizement.

But now the current leadership of our organization has lasted for nearly six years.  Despite the best that has been done by everyone – the gallant lobbying of our lobbyists, the diligence and assiduity of those who attend our Black-Tie galas and the devoted service of our many millions of members – all of whose existence are thoroughly documented, trust us – the DC political situation has developed not necessarily to the advantage of gays and lesbians, while the general trends of the nation have all turned against their interest.

What won’t be spelled out is that Solmonese will get a seven-figure severance.  What will be further stated is that either Winnie Stachelberg, Hilary Rosen or Ken Mehlman will be the next HRC E.D.

…and the torch is passed, and another champagne cork poppeth.

2 Responses to Memo to Richard Grenell: Trans People Have Been Demanding This For Over 15 Years

  1. Zoe Brain says:

    Bonus points for the Hirohito speech reference. Brava.

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