Like Coke Through a Rolled-Up Hundred Dollar Bill…

…so go the life-or-death priorities of working-class LGBT people.  (Apologies to MacDonald Carey.)

Employment bill started strong, but is barely breathing at the close of the 111th Congress

Yup – sounds like a coke rush to me (or maybe meth – depending on how little the Solmonese Youth is actually paid to not do what HRC claims to do.)

Chris Geidner writes at Metro Weekly:

It wasn’t supposed to be like this for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

Bullshit.  ENDA (certainly a trans-inclusive one) was never intended to go anywhere.  Anyone who continues to believe otherwise – particularly after Pee Wee telegraphed (and, of course, ‘clarified‘ into nothingness the de facto message in that telegram) that we should be expected to wait until at least 2017 (even on DADT) – is rotely snorting toting the HRC line and should be dismissed with appropriate sneer.

As Frank acknowledged, ”One of the things that delayed [ENDA] was the health bill – because it was in the same committee.”

Then, Hammill said, ”There were issues with the motion to recommit.”

Explaining the ”issues,” he said, ”Everyone thought we had the votes on the underlying measure, but it depended on what language the GOP [brought up] on the motion to recommit.

”Many felt it would be a troublesome sign to take it to the floor and not to be able to overcome the motion to recommit.”

Frank expanded upon that, adding some specificity to the fears, saying, ”What they were worried about was a motion to recommit, like saying that an elementary school teacher can’t transition in the middle of the year.”

I wonder if this is the end product of St. Barney’s hiring of a token trans man: No real change in St. Barney’s attitude toward trans women – and certainly no real change in his strategy of apologism by omission for the gay men who continue to do in public men’s rooms what no trans woman has ever done (or ever will do) in a women’s restroom – but not openly using his penis-in-the-women’s-shower fantasy as a ‘Nice ENDA you have there, I wouldn’t want to see it get broken’ scare tactic?

Of course, the bit about teachers was only what was quoted.

I’m just sayin’.

Of course, he still scapegoats trans people anyway (at his age, that may be the only way he is able to find fulfillment):

[W]hen [Tammy Baldwin] or other members press them for how they would vote, she said, they get an answer, and she had a good deal of confidence in the ability to defeat a motion to recommit related to the gender-identity protections.Frank was not as sure, saying, ”I’m not confident how it would have turned out. I think people in the community underestimate the opposition.” He added that, without the gender-identity provisions, ”We clearly have the votes for that.”

Oh, but wait.  St. Barney hasn’t let loose with his money shot yet:

Despite Obama’s ”continue[d] support” of the legislation, White House spokesman Shin Inouye did not sound hopeful about passage of the bill in the near future, telling Metro Weekly of the president’s view, ”As the public continues to learn about the need for this legislation, he hopes that Congress will take on this issue to help bring fairness and equality to our nation’s laws.”

As to that education, Frank had a message for LGBT advocates, saying, ”In the interim what the community needs to do is educate on the transgender issue.”

The point was echoed by the Democratic leadership aide, who said ”there has not been the work done by the community in the Senate” to ensure the passage of an inclusive ENDA.

As Frank said, ”I would point out to you that they still have not been able to get transgender protections in liberal places. If you can’t do it in Massachusetts, New York and Maryland, it doesn’t get easier when you add in South Dakota, Oklahoma and Utah.”

Here’s a thought Barney…

How about you try to pass a bill on a particular topic – lets say its a pro-gun law.  I know, I know.  You’re a ‘liberal’ from Massachusetts, but humor me.  Your bill is simple.  It says that any adult has the right to own any kind of gun.

Lets say that you’re trying to pass a pro-gun law and you hear about this organization thats really, really pro-gun.  Lets call it the National Rifle Association.

You try to get your bill passed and that pro-gun organization tells you that it has been lobbying for the bill but, as you later learn, not only was it not lobbying for your bill, it was actually lobbying against your bill and in favor of a bill that also was pro-gun, but only extended ownership rights to single-shot muzzle loaders and imported Baretta shotguns, leaving state and local jurisdictions free to criminalize ownership of handguns.

Think about that, Barney – or, better yet, assign the task of thinking about it to your token trans man.

If you can’t do it in Massachusetts, New York and Maryland, it doesn’t get easier when you add in South Dakota, Oklahoma and Utah.”

Lets see…

In the current lame duck Congress, between those three states there are six senators – all rabid anti-constitutionist Republican christianists except for Democrat Tim Johnson of South Dakota – and, as for House members:

  • five from Oklahoma (all Republican except for Dan Boren);
  • three from Utah (all Republican except for Jim Matheson); and
  • one from South Dakota, Democrat Stephanie Herseth Sandlin


Tell me Barney: How many of those six senators were game for any version of ENDA?  How many of those nine House members were game for any version of ENDA?   I don’t see any of them as co-sponsors for your gay-fabulous 2007 ENDA 3685…

… and even among the three Dems, only two voted for it; Boren was absent.  And Matheseon had been a co-sponsor of the legitimate version of ENDA.

 (I wonder who had educated him into doing that?  And then who ‘educated’ him into going along with the illegitimate version?)

Actually, Chris Geidner is the person I should be posing those questions to.  After all, he’s the person who, with the probing thoroughness of Tweety-in-man-crush-on-Tony-Perkins mode, let St. Barney get away his latest form of historical no-card monte.

Any mention of how same gays who booted trans people off the agenda in Massachusetts are the same ones who snorted sucked all of the civil rights oxygen out of Massachusetts with Marriage Derangement Syndrome?  Any mention of how New York and Maryland are Massachusetts’ twin Mini-Me’s? 

Any mention of how St. Barney proclaimed after 2007 that with 15-20 more Dems in the House, passing a legitimate ENDA would be no problem? 

Any mention of how, after the 2008 elections there were that many more Dems in the House and…

well, you know….?

Any mention of how you’re helping St. Barney to, yet again, re-write ENDA history to make trans people out to be the turds floating in Hilary Rosen’s champagne vat?

Frank had a message for LGBT advocates, saying, ”In the interim what the community needs to do is educate on the transgender issue.”

The out-groove of “A Day in the Life” is cute the first time you hear it.

After that?

Not so much.

The 1960s are calling, Barney. 

It wants its cheap, $9.99 record player back – because its tired of you getting a new record every two years,  subsequently breaking the thing, and then playing it more than “The Macarena” was played in the summer of 1996.

And trust us, Barney…

After listening to your shit for however many decades it is now, trans people know a thing or two about geting played.

4 Responses to Like Coke Through a Rolled-Up Hundred Dollar Bill…

  1. libhomo says:

    It wasn’t just Barney Frank who killed ENDA for this legislative session. Obama, Reid, and Pelosi were determined to do the same.

  2. Dude says:

    Frank and Pelosi are like evil conjoined twins. They don’t seem to speak or think without the other one in tow.

    Honestly, I’m not even sure I would want whatever version of ENDA they have sitting around to pass. Do we even know what the language looks like? Last rumor I heard, there were tons of exemptions in it. Would it even be enforceable?

    And this time I’m right with you. I’m not even sure why (Diego?) took the job. I’ve never seen such a cover my butt hire in my life.

    What I wish we could do is get Tammy Baldwin more power. She’s been right on from the start, always working for votes, trying to reintroduce things from the floor. And funny enough, never once blaming trans people for the foolishness going on on the Hill.

    How do we get her more power?

    • Katrina Rose says:

      She might prove to be better than St. Barney once the dust has settled, but I don’t trust Baldwin either. She had a decade to do something about adding T to the Wisconsin gay-only law and she never lifted a finger; her priority was gay marriage.

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