Any Bets As To Whether They’ll ‘Compromise’ In Order To Make Trans People Equal To Themselves?

From Queer Channel Media:

Advocates for same-sex marriage in Maryland, including the seven gay and lesbian members of the state legislature, are optimistic that the legislature will pass a marriage equality bill in 2011 but they are less certain about the prospects for a transgender rights bill.

The gains in the number of supporters of a same-sex marriage bill in the November election and commitments by top leaders of the legislature to name marriage equality supporters to the committees that must clear them appear to have tipped the balance in favor of the bill passing, according to advocates and lawmakers.

“We remain cautiously optimistic that we’ve got the votes to push this bill through in this session, and that’s what we intend to do,” said Del. Heather Mizeur (D-Montgomery County), a lesbian.

Has Heather ever considered the FACT that trans people in Maryland need civil rights protections more than the obscenely-rich A Gays of Maryland’s DC suburbs need marriage?

Has Heather ever considered proposing a compromise to get trans people the civil rights that Maryland’s gays lied and cheated them out of ten years ago?  A compromise like: We’ll let you anti-LGBT-oids have a state DOMA if you let us have civil rights for trans people?

In your heart, you know what the answer is.

“I feel whatever has happened with the marriage bill should happen with the gender identity and expression bill,” [Dana] Beyer said. “Mike Miller [president of the Senate] said he wants a floor vote on marriage. I feel that will apply to gender identity, too.”

Yeh – you just keep telling yourself that, Dana.

Gay ‘compromise’ goes in only one direction: the way it screwed went in Maryland 2001.

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