A god of Malinformation

Pam’s House Blend has a post up entitled:

 The Truth Will Make Us Free: A Queer Year in Review

The author?

Rev. Patrick S. Cheng, Ph.D.

I’ve never heard of the guy – but “Rev.” always makes me suspicious – and my suspicions were not unfounded.  Sadly, I didn’t even need to get into his christoqueer primacy implications.

Anti-gay christians aren’t the only ones who are on the outside of accuracy and not even making any attempt to look in.

What were some of the truths about the goodness of LGBT people and our lives that were demonstrated in 2010? In August, the first fully-litigated U.S. federal court trial about same-sex marriage concluded that there was no rational basis for prohibiting LGBT people from entering into civil marriage.

I guess I missed that case.I was following Perry v. Schwarzenegger, which (rightfully) has no connection to trans-anything and in whose documents (from pleadings to briefs and on through the trial court opinion) one can barely find mention of anything remotely trans, and most of those involve the listing of amicus-filing organizations that have trans-something in their names or mission statements.

There were a number of other encouraging examples in 2010 of speaking the truth about LGBT people. For example, in September a Florida state court struck down an anti-gay statute that expressly prohibited LGBT people from adopting children in that state.

I’m glad I’m not licensed to practice law in Florida, because I know nothing about that statute or it being overturned, and I might have been subject to malpractice for not knowing about it.I am, however, familiar with this Florida law:

63.042Who may be adopted; who may adopt.-

(3)No person eligible to adopt under this statute may adopt if that person is a homosexual.

That law did not prohibit transsexuals from adopting, and, theoretically, the court decision which got rid of that law does nothing to prevent the FLorida Legislature from adopting a law specifically prohibiting transsexuals from adopting.

In December, the United Nations spoke the truth by voting to protect LGBT people around the world from extrajudicial killings and arbitrary executions, notwithstanding the strenuous objections of a number of member countries.

I guess I missed that one too.  I was too busy reading about this one:

The United States succeeded on Tuesday in getting the United Nations to restore a reference to killings due to sexual orientation that had been deleted from a resolution condemning unjustified executions.

Unless a delegation from the sovereign nation of Minnesota was responsible for authoring the definition of “sexual orientation,” that phrase is as devoid of trans-significance to the U.N. as it is to New York, Massachusetts, et. al.

As LGBT people, we must remain ever vigilant and hopeful that the truth of the fundamental goodness, and holiness, of our lives and relationships will free us from the sinful bondage of homophobic and heterosexist oppression.

Meanwhile, the chains of ignorance of and/or indifference toward the difference between “gay” and “LGBT” will drag the unprotected among us down.




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