2011: Marking a Decade of Gay-Greed Illegitimacy in Maryland

In the immediate run-up to the Maryland Legislature giving gays and lesbians the right to discriminate against trans people in March 2001, a particularly insidious Maryland transphobe made the following declaration:

If B[altimore] A[ctivists] C[oalition] opposes the Antidiscrimination Act, it has taken an anti-gay position.

BAC, you see, was not too thrilled that the self-serving gay elite of Maryland had enginnered an anti-discrimination bill that left trans people out.  In turn, that organization had taken a principled stance against officially endorsing the gay-elite bill.

The particularly insidious transphobe, in turn, ‘opined’ that was an “anti-gay” position.


If taking a position against a bill that gives rights to those who need them the least and harms those who need them the most is not a principled stance but, rather, “anti-gay,” then – logically – isn’t taking a stance against trans-inclusion not a principled stance in favor of ‘incremental progress’ and ‘the politics of the possible’ but, rather, simply anti-trans?

In your heart – and mind, and every other part of your body – you know what the answer is.


Ten years later, the ridiculously over-coddled, rights-surplussage-addled Maryland gay elite has moved on to gay marriage….

like we all knew they would.

6 Responses to 2011: Marking a Decade of Gay-Greed Illegitimacy in Maryland

  1. Kathy says:

    It’s OK to name names.

  2. Kathy says:

    Old scuzzlebutt? The one who says you’re either for equality or you’re not…..then isn’t for equality?

    Guess karma clocked her with that whole divorce thingy.

  3. […] I’m done reminding everyone of the deceit and duplicity of Maryland’s gay elite of a decade […]

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