The Historical Calculus of Gay Greed

Think I’m done reminding everyone of the deceit and duplicity of Maryland’s gay elite of a decade ago?

Think again.

The following is from a March 20, 2001 press release (sorry, no link available):

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center of Baltimore and Central Maryland applauded the decision today by the Senate Judicial Proceedings
Committee to approve a bill to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The measure – Senate Bill 205 – will prohibit discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations. The bill – which exempts religious organizations – would provide statewide protections. Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Hawaii, California, New Jersey, Minnesota, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Nevada and the District of Columbia already prohibit sexual orientation discrimination.

Currently, 49.5 percent of Maryland’s population live in the four jurisdictions that ban this type of discrimination at the local level – Baltimore City, Montgomery County, Howard County and Prince George’s County. The remaining 51.5 percent of the State’s population lack this protection, said Shannon Avery, chair of the Center’s Committee for Legislative and Political Action.

“Whether or not one faces discrimination should not be an accident of geography,” Avery said. “In approving this bill, the Senate Committee is respecting the will of a majority of Marylanders who favor this legislation.”

Clearly then, the difference between Maryland and Minnesota  was not one of geography but of spelling.

But lets look not at maps but at numbers:

Currently, 49.5 percent of Maryland’s population live in the four jurisdictions that ban this type of discrimination at the local level….


By their own admission, HALF of the gays and lesbians in Maryland were already protected against discrimination, yet they didn’t consider that a high enough percentage to take the moral high ground and say ‘no’ to a statewide bill that would give that 49.5% (as well as the other 50.5%; I’m not sure where the 101st percentile falls in – or out) the special right to discriminate against trans people via trans-excluding gay inclusion.

And now  the gay elite in Maryland wants marriage.

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