This Post Doesn’t Exist [UPDATED: Now This Post Exists]

[FURTHER UPDATE: Enough is enough.  I’m a Kat, not an instrument that uses catgut.  Don’t play me.]


Right now, its just a placeholder – for a post about something  that has happened…

something that I saw happen…

something that I have images of…

something that is, well…

totally deranged.


Marriage Derangement Syndrome…

Does it cause schizophrenia?

Spontaneous cloning?

Or just conflicts of interest?

Yes Monty, it would be door number three!  Now, granted, one can be forgiven for mistaking door number three for door number two:

Of course, you could also be forgiven for getting confused as to whether you’re watching ABC or CBS.  You see, I have been using Let’s Make a Deal allusions, but one to The Price is Right is appropos as well – given that if your guess as to the price of your Showcase is close enough to its actual retail price, then you get both Showcases.


When your conflict of interest appears to be creating a fake online identity to mask your involvement (under what one would presume is your real name) with (and what would presume is a vested interest in promoting) same-sex-marriage-primacy when you participate, in a quasi-official capacity, in threads in which you pimp the discredited notion that pushing same-sex-marriage helps trans people as individual trans persons AND using that quasi-official capacity to boot a dissenter who did not actually publish personal information about you but merely publicly inquired as to whether an unidentified someone with certain qualifications ‘A’ might have a conflict of interest by acting in certain capacity ‘B’…

then one can understand why doors two and three might be applicable.

Having said that, I might suggest not asking to see what Jay Stewart has in his box when next he walks down the aisle.  My buddy Kathleen mysteriously disappeared. 

Words that she had already utttered were un-uttered – but not by her.

Yes, her voice just drifted off into the night…

I’ve still had not even a notice that my account was deleted or a response to my emails asking for info.

…and who knows where her cyber remains might turn up.  Perhaps right here at ENDABlog!

She wants to be out about being [Capacity ‘B’] & about being the Communications Director working mostly on marriage online have others no be permitted  speak of this public info. While at the same time have the ability to link the two publicly for her benefit – but punish others for even questioning whether disclosure is warranted.


That Marriage Derangement Syndrome thing is pretty nasty.

Well, I know what people with Marriage Derangement Syndrome don’t give a rat’s ass about: compromise on anything other than trans rights. 

And at least one of them doesn’t really seem to get if you out yourself, then when someone else copies or points to what you outed yourself with, then that second personn really isn’t outing you about what you were initially ‘in’ about…

…and, instead, what you’re being outed about is having a major conflict of interest.

And I’m outing her here as having committed an egregious act of transphobic cyber-bullying by (apparently) unilaterally booting Kathleen off of a major LGBT blog after having outed herself via her own references to Equal Rights Washington – which are only one google-laden mouse click away from given that a nice chunk of the bio there is identical to the one at ERW – and her involvement in it and having done so in a forum that anyone could read and multiple-google-click away from.  Has she now committed this cyber hate crime against Kathleen because she realized she actually outed herself and erasing Kathleen’s existence at that blog is the only way that she can come close to un-outing herself?

Do a text search on the page from which I took the ERW image snap.  The name of the blog in question appears in only one of the bios.  If “Lurleen” didn’t out herself in that reply to Kathleen, then she apparently outed some other “front page blogger” at that blog – in which case, it is Lurleen and not Kathleen whose existence should be erased from that blog.

But, that’s not the case.

Look at the photos.

“Lurleen” outed herself – and she apparently not only wants to make Kathleen pay for it but feels that she is so much better than us scummy trans scum that she doesn’t even need to directly inform Kathleen of what she is asserting to be the reason that Kathleen’s existence was erased from that blog.

[S]he acted as the judge in her own complaint? Sweet deal! Very fair.

But, that’s par for the course.

Trans people have been paying the price for the indulgences of people afflicted with Marriage Derangement Syndrome for many years now.

Why should 2011 be any different?

38 Responses to This Post Doesn’t Exist [UPDATED: Now This Post Exists]

  1. TransGriot says:

    To channel Arsenio Hall…things that make you go hmmm.

  2. […] it was with much, much, much amusement that I read THIS PIECE at ENDAblog by Katrina Rose.  The gist of this is that one of PHB’s front page contributors […]

  3. Lurlottagall says:

    Seriously? She posted her own letters as Laurel on this issue and didn’t disclose she was…..posting her own letters under her pseudonym of Lurleen?

    That’s all folks – game over.

  4. Kathleen says:

    sounds sorta like this guy:

    “Mere factual innocence is no reason not to carry out a death sentence properly reached.”

    though you need to exclude the properly reached part as well.

  5. Hmmm…never once thought that the agenda of Gay Inc. would impose itself on the blogosphere by trying to silence a transgender person’s voice. I am shocked and awed!
    Add to the fact that Laurel Ramseyer is a communications director is just as shocking!

    Does Pam of Pam’s House Blend condone this behavior of one of her front page bloggers? Inquiring minds want to know. Transphobia is still transphobia, regardless of the guise.

    • Kathleen says:

      I emailed Pam & Autumn to ask what happened on Saturday. Autumn said she would get back to me in her response of the same day, Pam has not replied to my email.

      Even if they agree with the action – (notice & a warning is indicated by the PHB terms of service – with deletion of that comment) – and I dispute the validity as I redacted Laurel’s name – a response is surely appropriate.

      • Kath, call me tomorrow if you get a chance. I am fuming over the fact that a paid staffer of an organization is spewing transphobic remarks under a pseudonym and then gets you banned for calling her out on it.
        It’s not like she is in the closet and you outed her. You outed her for who she really is. A transphobic bigot, posing as an activist! Screw her and any blogger who allows this to happen.

      • Katrina Rose says:


        In one of the posts she asserts that she is not a paid staffer.

        I have no knowledge of whether she actually is or is not – but (1) a lot of people who have damaged our political viability over the years have not actually been paid staffers of any gay org, and (2) we should not give her a ready-made nugget that she can accurately point to and say ‘See! They’re wrong about that, so they must be wrong about everything!’

    • Tom Lang says:

      I sent this over to Bil Browning at Bilerico because his site is one of the key places Lurleen and her codependent, Joe Mirabella, uses to cement their deceit,lies and control into the blogosphere. Browning knows how prevalent they are as posters and commenters and I told him that what happened to Kathleen is a major issue here.

      Browning wrote back, ” Sorry. None of my concern. That’s PHB drama and not mine.”

      So folks…stop being so dramatic…trans rights, trans people questioning…all drama…

  6. catkisser says:

    I look forward to Sandeen being erased from Pam’s in all fairness since Sandeen published my full name AND a copyright protected picture of me a couple of years ago when I was on Pam’s under a nick name. This was part of a character assassination of me by Sandeen at the time for being a feminist.

    But I won’t hold my breath.

  7. […] I heard that “Kathleen” over at Pam’s House Blend was banned for outing an anonymous blogger that just happened to be affiliated with GayINC, I was shocked… for all of about thirty […]

  8. Tom Lang says:

    And this same Lurleen who worked on Ref 71 in Washington State caused HUGE problems with KnowThyNeighbor when we announced we would be posting names of signers of that antigay petition. This Lurleen living in Washington State called KnowThyNeighbor a carpetbagger while she maintained her presence on the liberal Massachusetts blog BlueMassGroup as another entity “Laurel” trying to influence our politics.
    So glad to know this mediocre psycho from MA Gay Inc has finally been outed. I am sorry that trans rights are suffering because of her neuroses. And there seem to be many of them

    • Katrina Rose says:


      Thank you for your input. I’m happy to know that word is getting around about this.

    • Kathleen says:

      Why am I not surprised?

      So – she has a history of abusing her pseudo anonymity to misrepresent her relationships to orgs?

      I can’t speak for Kat – but reposting some of this on your own blog might be something to consider. And if you’d like to get in touch – just ask.

      • Katrina Rose says:

        You and others should feel free to repost all or part of this ENDABlog post (in context, of course, and preferably with proper attribution.)

  9. Tom Lang says:

    When Lurleen was crazed against KnowThyNeighbor in 2009/10 I contacted Pam Spaulding on her email. Lurleen, not Pam emailed me back immediately telling me that all the Blenders see emails to Pam and how dare I take this up with Pam.
    Pam Spaulding NEVER emailed me back on any of this and there were multiple emails to her. When I brought this duel personality bit up with The owner of BluMassGroup in MA and told him what was going on, he told me the emails are “off the record” and yet he denied knowing anything. When I told him I wanted to be on the record, he told me if that is indeed my choice he would be forced to go to the parties involved ie Lurleen/Laurel and I assume Pam.
    What you are exposing here, I believe is alpha netroots and how it tries to control the strategy, the online presence and altering the history of our movement.

  10. Kathleen says:

    While it is not alleged she is being paid by EQWA – others (Autumn – all the guest posters brought in) – disclose their leadership roles in orgs – compensated or not. I don’t believe Autumn is paid for being on the Get Equal Board.

    But – not being paid by EQWA – isn’t the superset of all places one could receive compensation from.

    Given the astroturfing-sockpuppetting that seems to be going on, I emailed Mr. Lang offline to confirm he’s indeed Mr. Lang.

  11. Katrina Rose says:

    But – not being paid by EQWA – isn’t the superset of all places one could receive compensation from.

    Indeed. I believe George Washington put forth a magnanimous image in having served as general without a salary – but his expenses, which he did require compensation for, rivaled that of royalty.

  12. Brian Murphy ( says:

    It’s especially interesting to note that at the same time her alternate identity “Lurleen” was writing some pretty strong condemnations of the work that and were talking about during the Ref 71 campaign, work that ERW opposed, “Laurel Ramseyer” was actually on the technology committee of the ERW created Ref 71 campaign.

    Now, what appeared to be an independent blogger expressing their own opinion was actually a member of the campaign? This means every statement by “Lurleen” in WA and “Laurel” in MA needs to be re-evaluated in the light of her multiple identities and non-disclosure.

  13. […] a transwoman and commenter on Pam’s House Blend (PHB) asked a very compelling question: “It’s hard to justify pushing for national orgs to focus all their resources on […]

  14. […] started the first ENDABlog post on this matter – just the first few lines of it, stating that I was aware that something […]

  15. […] started the first ENDABlog post on this matter – just the first few lines of it, stating that I was aware that something was […]

  16. Cynthia Freyer says:

    As Communication Director, Laurel is acting as a public relations professional, although I have not seen anything in her resume so far that signals to me that she has a degree in the field, is a member of PRSA, or has other training as a practitioner or counselor. Do note that as a public relations professional she has broken the Code of Ethics for the field. The code and a link to the Board of Ethics can be found online at:

    This is a rather serious matter.

  17. Cynthia (Sunni) Freyer says:

    As Director of Communications for an organization, whether paid or volunteer, Miss Laurel Ramseyer is in violation of the Code of Ethics for public relations practitioners (and publicists, a tactical category of the PR field). That Code and how to communicate with the Board of Ethics is found here:

  18. […] look who is right in the middle of it: Lurleen ‘The Magical Erasing Sockpuppet of Pam’s House Blend Land’ Blogovitch.  Isn’t that just fucking […]

  19. […] Yes, look who is right in the middle of it: Lurleen ‘The Magical Erasing Sockpuppet of Pam’s House Blend Land’ Blogovitch.  […]

  20. […] that Ramseyer herself placed out onto the internet for connecting was to Kathy, for briefly pulling my initial ENDABlog post after being given the woe-is-Laurel sob story and, I am ashamed to admit, buying it.  It seemed […]

  21. […] that Ramseyer herself placed out onto the internet for connecting was to Kathy, for briefly pulling my initial ENDABlog post after being given the woe-is-Laurel sob story and, I am ashamed to admit, buying it.  It seemed […]

  22. Charles says:

    Please, help destroy more lives. This helps no one.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      Please, Charlie Spam, help more overly-privileged assholes get away with whatever the hell they might happen to do because they’re stupid enough to do it while in so precarious a position in their own personal lives.

      La, la, la… (Or is it only one “la”? I lose track.)

      If your position is that gays and lesbians can do anything they want to harm trans people any time they want and should never have to pay any price for it in any way shape or form, why can’t you just be man enough to phrase it that way?

  23. […] from someone whose only public action that in any way acknowledges that her complete erasure of a trans woman’s existence at Pam’s House Blend may have been an immoral act of transphobic, Gay Marriage, Inc. message control (the puff piece at […]

  24. Back Braces says:

    Back Braces…

    […]This Post Doesn’t Exist [UPDATED: Now This Post Exists] « ENDAblog[…]…

  25. […] photos of Mr. Ru in drag that can be found on the interet (even simpler, methinks, than doing a simple search for “Blogovitch” and “Ramseyer”) and saying that he wants no trans employees and he has the absolute statutory right not to have […]

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  27. DermaPure Result…

    […] Sockpuppet Exposed: Lurleen Blogovitch as Laurel Ramseyer[…]…

  28. […] GENDA – a statement whose accuracy I have no problem with despite the fact that it came from Laurelurleen Ramseyerogovitch – then how is it not fair to also state that in 2002 the entirety of the New York Legislature also […]

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  30. suzette says:


    This Post Doesn’t Exist [UPDATED: Now This Post Exists] | ENDAblog

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