Where Have You Gone, Jello Biafra?

Lock your doors.  Close your minds, its 2011 – time for The Ronald Reagan Centennial.

Yes – we’ve really got a bigger problem now…

He won’t be around to celebrate, but the 100th anniversary of former President Ronald Reagan’s birth is going to be a big production.

It starts on New Year’s Day with a special Reagan float in the annual Tournament of Roses Parade, preceding the Rose Bowl game between Texas Christian University and the University of Wisconsin. The Gipper’s float is 55 feet long, 26 feet high and includes a replica of a statue of Reagan in the U.S. Capitol, according to the Sacramento Bee.

On Jan. 7, the scene shifts to Washington with the opening of a Reagan Centennial Exhibit in the “Public Vaults” section at the National Archives. The exhibition of “rarely displayed” original documents and artifacts is opening in partnership with the California-based Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum.

One commenter to that piece asks:

Why celebrate a President that ran unemployment into the double digits (over 11% by 1983), caused runaway inflation (over 18% by 1985), started the outsourcing of maufacturing job overseas (auto assembly plants to Mexico and Canada), saw over a 1,000 savings and loan banks fail, illegally sold military equipment to Iran, increased the trade deficit with other countries, ran up the national debt to historical levels, allowed foreign governments and businesses to buy American real estate and industries, lowered taxes on the rich, the list goes on.

A response to it:

The perfect post – facts not fiction

Of course, that explains why you can expect a renewed commitment this year to mandatory historical alzheimer’s on the part of Republicans.  For the answer to the question posed by the first commenter – why celebrate all of that failure? – is, of course, the obvious: FOX.

One Response to Where Have You Gone, Jello Biafra?

  1. libhomo says:

    Reagan was responsible for lots of AIDS deaths too.

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