No Special Rights For Sockpuppets

[UPDATE: Enough is enough.  I’m a Kat, not an instrument that uses catgut.  Don’t play me.]

From Wikipedia:

A sockpuppet is an online identity used for purposes of deception within an online community.

In current usage, the perception of the term has been extended beyond second identities of people who already post in a forum or blog to include other uses of misleading online identities. For example, a New York Times article claims that “sockpuppeting” is defined as “the act of creating a fake online identity to praise, defend or create the illusion of support for one’s self, allies or company.”

Now, lets refer back to a bit of history that was revised out of existence (as yet with no formal explanation to the woman whose online existence within the blog at issue was targeted for erasure):


i’m not a sock puppet

That’s interesting.

Even if the position taken in the message is not at variance with the position she’s pushing (and, based solely on this I actually have no reason to presume that its not), writing in the third person about something that, based on the layout of the message, she is a signatory to and may well have been a co-author or author of….?

Verrrrrrrry interesting, no? 

I have been banned from Pam’s House Blend for linking to information that this person  (a) apparently did not care was online (FYI: It is still online, as is the other version of it on the website of a different organization), and (b) herself indirectly pointed to while claiming to be…

well, you know….

And now I’ll say here what I said earlier directly via e-mail:

You don’t get to pick and choose what people see – and, more importantly, how they see it – on publicly accessible internet pages.  You posted about your connection to ERW, on whose website you openly tout your connection to PHB.  I have not “published” anything about you either that hasn’t already been published by you – or that presumably you have allowed to be published – on publicly accessible internet pages.  Nothing that is in the post to which you refer is, therefore, private in any sense of the word. 
If, on the other hand, you are claiming that I have incorrectly connected the dots between Lurleen and Laurel, then explicitly say and prove so and I will acknowledge any error that I may have made and I will remove the existing ENDABlog post.
However, that would not alter the fact that Kathleen was improperly removed from Pam’s House Blend – and, per her as of my last communciation with her on the subject – still without any formal notification either that she was banned/erased from PHB or of what you assert to have been the specific violative wording.  Even if she and I both inaccurately connected dots, she did not “publish” anything that your post did not all-but-directly point her and anyone else who might have seen the post before you removed it toward via your reference to ERW.

No special rights.


14 Responses to No Special Rights For Sockpuppets

  1. Kathleen says:

    Lurleen/Laurel Remseyer should come clean about sockpuppetting & disclose her other conflicts that she may have.

    Given the lack of communication from Pam’s – one has to wonder if she intercepted the emails I sent- given Mr. Lang’s report on the other thread that Laurel responded to emails he sent to Pam regarding similar sockpuppetry – but Pam never did.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      Pam’s lack of response in all of this is incredibly disheartening. Its really bringing me to the point where I am questioning the legitimacy of that blog.

      A couple of years ago there was a thread there that got a bit heated and I posted a comment that one of the moderators viewed as inappropriate name-calling. I didn’t think it was, but I could understand a moderator viewing it as such. Of course, that moderator wasn’t “Lurleen.” And that moderator sent me an e-mail warning stating explicitly what was interpreted as an inappropriate posting – and things went on from there….

      until “Lurleen” decided that she has the authority to control who can point out that bio info that she either put on the Net herself or has allowed to be placed in the Net is, in fact, on the Net and, to anyone with any cognitive abilities at all, IDs “Lurleen” as “Laurel Ramseyer.”

      • Kathleen says:

        “I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours. ”
        — Hunter S. Thompson

        “I was not proud of what I had learned but I never doubted that it was worth knowing.”
        — Hunter S. Thompson (The Rum Diary)

    • Kathleen says:

      It’s worth noting that Lurleen claims some relationship to Equal Rights Washington’s trans successes – but – it doesn’t appear she was part of those actvities. And her time working on marriage in MA was the time trans rights were being back burner-ed by MassEquality. This also coincides with Josh Friedes time working the same ground.

      To associate oneself with successes you appear to have nothing to do with – while being part of a groups’ efforts to stifle those very same rights in other places would be a very concerning pattern of action.

      • Katrina Rose says:

        It’s worth noting that Lurleen claims some relationship to Equal Rights Washington’s trans successes….

        I’d look closely at how she worded that.

        A quick glance at it might leave a reader with the impression that she was involved with Pro-T stuff in WA – but the “and” gloms the Pro-T statement onto ERW, not herself.

        Is “Lurleen” Montana trying to have the best of both semantic worlds?

  2. […] Rose, a long time transgender activist and legal historian, has now been banned, silenced and erased from Pam’s House Blend as that blog attempts to control its […]

  3. Kathleen says:

    The subrosa history…oh hell – it’s the same old same old.

    “I do know that MassEquality will be announcing its endorsement of Deval Patrick for Re-election as Governor on Saturday at Pride. This decision coming just after MassEquality heard that Republican Charlie Baker would be marching. The Transgender Rights Bill being the only thing that separates the two candidates. But I have a few questions…Why has the Transgender Rights Bill not moved in THREE years in this Democrat Super Majority Legislature with enough Democrat support to carry the votes if they had the courage to put it to a vote? And with Deval Patrick as current Governor

    Because the Democrats are afraid of progressing this bill for fear of losing some voters. So it seems that quite a few Democrats are using transgender people pretty much the same way that Anti-Gay Republican activists such as Kris Mineau are using transgender people…And Charlie Baker’s current lack of support for this bill is providing great cover to those particular Democrats (and MassEquality)!”

    “But this time something was different, we were gay and were part of the minority that has been the victim over and over again. This caused our oppressors to spend countless dollars to try to stop us and caused LGBT leaders such as Josh Friedes to once again condemn us because he and many in Gay Inc. find it so difficult to fight for our Equality without shame. But the biggest surprise was Pam Spaulding whose bi-coastal activist “Blender” Lurleen (aka Laurel of in MA) could not embrace activism right out of her own Dallas Principles but instead was used as a messaging center for a virtual campaign that like Maine would have failed to reach the masses if KnowThyNeighbor had not been involved.”

    Public pandering of inclusion while surreptitiously making sure trans rights withers on the vine. And – more sockpuppets.

    Equality Washington should address these actions. The person responsible for engaging people online for them is sockpuppeting. And not disclosing a conflict.

    And allegations are out there that this type of arrangement is being done with the express knowledge of their current Executive Director. And was done previously when he worked in MA.

    What Dallas Principles?

  4. Marti Abernathey says:

    My question is when will there be a community blog where TRANS bloggers are featured? I’ve repeatedly asked/pleaded/wanted to have such a blog, but getting bloggers to even crosspost their posts on TA was ignored. I know Toni D’orsay has tried it as well and every community blog I know of has been hard pressed to get bloggers to submit their work.

    As long as you continue to believe you have equal footing in the LGBt community in any light, you’ll continue to be disappointed.

    Part of the reason why I’ve dialed back The Transadvocate blog is that it’s failed at what I started it for. It was always something I wanted to be a community blog, not “Marti Abernathey’s blog”.

    Maybe if this shit, as well as the Ron Gold bullshit, and the “Cis- bullshit, continues you’ll get the message that you aren’t considered an equal.

  5. […] When repeated efforts by Kathleen even to get an explanation as to what happened failed, she gave me the thumbs-up to go ahead and publicize the matter (via an amending of that first ENDABlog post, and the second one.) […]

  6. […] When repeated efforts by Kathleen even to get an explanation as to what happened failed, she gave me the thumbs-up to go ahead and publicize the matter (via an amending of that first ENDABlog post, and the second one.) […]

  7. […] took it upon yourself to engage in Laurelurleen Ramseyerogovitch-esque sockpuppetry in introducing your and your co-conspirator’s exterminationism […]

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