…So They Can Be Married AND Have the Right To Discriminate Against Trans People

Delaware Marriage Equality’s Charles Meade in the Daily Times:

“Don’t ask, don’t tell” has been repealed. The dominoes are falling and the debate is over. If one can fight for this country out in the open, then one should be able to have an open, legitimate relationship.

So, not only should a gay-specific federal accomplishment such as DADT repeal directly (as in: don’t pass ‘Go’ and damn sure don’t collect a trans-inclusive ENDA) to federal gay marriage recognition – as we all know that that portion of Gay, Inc., that actually wants any progress at all wants – but a gay-specific federal accomplishment such as DADT repeal should lead directly to state-level gay marriage…

even in states where the gay elite is still basking in the afterglow of creating their special right to discriminate against trans people.

Like Delaware!

What the gay elite wants, it wants and damn well deserves to have because they say they deserve to have it and just what is this ‘trans’ thing you speak of anyway…………?

Delaware’s Defense of Marriage Act should be repealed so gays and lesbians can have their relationships legalized. Many heterosexual couples go to the court to get married, and there’s no valid or legitimate reason why gay and lesbian couples shouldn’t be able to go to the courthouse to have their relationship legitimized by having a civil marriage.

Oh, I can think of one: You people don’t deserve it until you give up the superior legal status you created for yourselves by illegitimately engineering a gay-only civil rights law.

Individuals who are interested in or support this repeal may send an e-mail message: “I support the repeal of the marriage ban for same-gender couples,” to delawaremarriage equality@yahoo.com and include their name and address. Signers must be Delaware residents and at least 18 years old.

Well, I encourage people to send THIS message to that e-mail address:

I support the notion that gays and lesbians in Delaware should stop being greedy and should not expent one penny or one ounce of political energy on the additional perk of gay marriage until trans people in Delaware are equal to gays and lesbians in Delaware.  Trans people deserve the ability to compete for employment on an equal footing with gays and lesbians. There are no excuses.

That last sentence was also part of Meades’s missive.

Funny how there is always an excuse to shove gay marriage ahead of trans equality, eh?

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