Is It Just Me? Or Is Shepard Smith Looking A Bit Haggard?

From Crooks and Liars – an item about Smith interviewing the woman who prevented the Tucson gunman from firing off any more rounds:

At the end of the nearly 10-minute interview, she floored Shep Smith with this:

SHEP SMITH: If there’s anything you can think of over the last day and a a half that you might be able to turn this into a positive?…

PATRICIA MAISCH: I don’t think so…I think…mmm…that Sheriff Dupnik said it best, that the extreme right, reporters, radio and TV have added to this problem, and I’m just hoping that that will change because of this. That’s my hope, is that the Republicans will stop naming bills in very hateful things like the “job-killing” whatever the rest of that bill is. I think they’ve just gone over the top. I think the extreme right has gone too far.

Smith is a company man but he’s the one company man who has – particularly of late – occasionally, in Apocalypse Now terms, ventured ‘off the boat.’  I’ve seen some speculation that he might be the one company man there who actually does have some semblance of a conscience.  Which brings me to:

Is a burden of actually having a conscience and working at the Hate Factory getting to the guy?  I don’t think he’s looking all that good.

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