Selective Erasure?

A trans woman speaking in defense of trans political legitimacy gets not simply banned but erased for posing a question to “Lurleen” using hypotheticalized information that “Lurleen” herself either put online or whose online presence she acquiesced to.

Other people? seems to call out Pams House Blend
as not having been supportive of the work that knowthyneighbor does.  If I’m reading this correctly, I don’t understand the celebration now if previously there was an effort to work against knowthyneighbor:”But the biggest surprise was Pam Spaulding whose bi-coastal activist “Blender” Lurleen (aka Laurel of in MA) could not embrace activism right out of her own Dallas Principles but instead was used as a messaging center for a virtual campaign that like Maine would have failed to reach the masses if KnowThyNeighbor had not been involved.”


Not so much.

Now, I don’t know if the person was subsequently banned (that’s overeasy’s only PHB comment of any kind) or was him/herself a sockpuppet of some sort.

But that comment didn’t occur in the context of trans people standing up for themselves against gay marriage primacy, did it?

3 Responses to Selective Erasure?

  1. Kathleen says:

    For what it’s worth – it’s not me.

    I’m more scrambled than over easy.

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