Your Second Amendment Quiz of the Day

Brought to you by the jar with Antonin Scalia’s brain in it that sits around on Funk and Wagnall’s doorstep waiting for Johnny Carson to take back the hosting duties at The Tonight Show.

Question 1) How many of the founding fathers had, prior to the ratification of the Second Amendment in the late 18th century, ever even heard of a semi-automatic pistol with a 30-round clip?

    a. Zero
    b. More than zero

If you answered (b), then STOP.  You FAIL.  Get thee to a TARDIS.  Do not pass GO and do not collect a Tom Baker scarf.

If you answered (a), then go to question 2.

Question 2 – short answer) How could anyone in the 18th century who had never heard of  a semi-automatic pistol with a 30-round clip be presumed to have an originalist intent to cover such weapons under a right to bear arms?

If your answer is more than two words long – and if neither of those words is “they” or “couldn’t,” then STOP. 


Get thee to FOX ‘News,’ where a job as an on-air ‘expert’ awaits – or just go straight to the Republican caucus in the U.S> House, where a seat awaits.

4 Responses to Your Second Amendment Quiz of the Day

  1. catkisser says:

    Since the founding fathers were talking about muzzleloading weapons……I am on SUCH solid ground with my black powder weapons LOL They aren’t much good for mass murder sprees but excellent for self defense.

    Anyone know where I can get deal on a six pounder cannon?

  2. libhomo says:

    The Second Amendment also was limited to well organized, government militias.

  3. catkisser says:

    A militia of one…………and quite well organized thank you very much.

  4. Jay says:

    You couldn’t be more wrong.

    First off, the writers of the 2nd Amendment had heard of semi automatic firearms. Multi Barreled firearms have been around since the ottoman empire in the 16th Century, and we had ordered some from the french and used them for ship to ship battles during the revolutionary war.

    So while they may not have been magazine fed, they were the 18th century equivalent of a modern assault rifle. If the framers wanted guns or even cannons(which the framers were certainly well aware of) to be outlawed, why would they use the terms “shall not be infringed”? That is pretty strong language, and I am quite certain the framers were smart enough to realize proper english grammer.

    Mostly where you fail however is the intent of the framers of the constitution. They had just fought a war with a tyranical government. The only way we were able to fight and stand up for ourselves was because EVERY ABLE BODIED PERSON had a firearm in the house…and one that was comparable to the military’s that they fought. Additionally, all 10 amendments within the Bill of Rights deal specifically with INDIVIDUAL rights that are protected from federal oversight. Why would they include the 2A as the only one that does not apply directly to individual rights within the other 9 if not to make it just as important as the others.

    I get it, you dont like guns….but saying the 2A shouldnt apply would be the same as saying the 1st Amendment does not apply to your web page since the framers of the constitution never heard of the Internet.

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