We MUST Be Willing to Sacrifice (Ourselves) For the Well-Being of the Walton and Koch Families!!!!!

From Peregrin Wood:

[Republican U.S. Representative Mike Coffman] has introduced H.R. 270, a bill which would force 2.75 million American workers – federal employees – to accept annual unpaid layoffs.

This bill would be one step in the larger project of sucking money out of local economies across the United States, and making public employment as weak as private employment.

Coffman is interested in laying off federal workers because he needs to offset the trillions of dollars he seeks to spend on tax breaks for wealthy Americans and malfunctioning programs that the Pentagon doesn’t want.

Because the medieval system of 99% of a country’s populace wasting their lives to support the demand of the other 1% – consisting of practitioners of inherited-wealth life-obscenity – to be allowed to prosper by trying to outdo the practitioners of inherited-wealth life-obscenity in other countries in order to show which nationality’s batch of worthless, inbred rich pieces of garbage were the richest, most inbred and most constructively useless worked out soooooooooooo well for the 99%.

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