Of Course, If Either Woman Had Fought Back And Killed The Piece of Garbage She’d Be Facing The Death Penalty For Killing A Cop

Texas: Its like a whole other country…

that deserves whatever evil that may happen to befall it.

The news out of Texas is if a man rapes a ‘tranny’, he gets a slap on the wrist while his victim gets a life time of pain and suffering. Craig Nash received a year in jail on a misdemeanor charge of “official oppression” despite the fact that he arrested a transsexual prostitute in San Antonio, handcuffed her, drove to a hidden location, and forced her to perform several sex acts while he was on duty. Her story was confirmed by a rape kit that showed that Nash had raped her, and the GPS device in his patrol car showed that he had driven to that location. What is more, another victim had come forward to tell that she, too, had been raped by Nash.

Prosecutors cut a deal with Nash that he would avoid any and all felony charges of sexual assault by a police officer, and dropped all charges brought by the second victim so long as he pled guilty to this one misdemeanor charge and he agreed never to work in law enforcement in Texas again. His lawyers portrayed him as an honored police officer who ‘had a lot of heroic acts’ and that he was a good father with six children. Of course, a good man would never rape two women, transsexual or not.

But this is Texas we’re talking about after all.

Facts never get in the way of a good fiction narrative.  I mean… 

  • John Wayne’s version of The Alamo
  • George W. Bush: Non-cokehead
  • Craig Nash: good father with six children

And the list goes on…

And the title of this post is no exaggeration.  Texas prosecutors love to engineer dates with needles for people – facts usually being optional.

Doubly so when the show involves the death of a cop.

Yeh – he’s a cop.  Yeh – he identified imself as a cop.  But the piece of shit said he was going to rape me and said, ‘Well what the fuck are you going to do about it? I’m a cop. Bend over.’  So I shot him.



But the piece of badged-garbage has the good fortune to pick on some trans women who happen not to give him the on-the-spot death sentence that, in theory, the law of self defense permits and, where karma is concerned, he unquestionably deserves…

and all he gets is a misdemeanor on his record?

Too bad he wasn’t packing a gram or two of blow; then he’d have gotten tagged with a felony for sure.

Oh – and lest ye think I’m being uniquely harsh in my view of how Nash Rapist should fare in a world of legitimate justice, here is a sampling of the comments to Andrea James’s piece about this over at BoingBoing:

  • Any LEO who abuses his power to such a degree should be publicly hanged.
  • if there are special penalties for for assaulting an officer then there should be special penalties for cops who commit crimes on duty; like say, the death penalty.
  • The fact that he was cop is exactly why he should get a longer sentence, not a shorter one.
  • I bet over the course of their lives the victim spends more time in jail for consensual sex work than the cop spends in jail for raping her.

But alas – do not weep…

all is not for naught.

After all, I think we’re witnessing the birth of the next Tea Party congressional candidate from Texas.

One Response to Of Course, If Either Woman Had Fought Back And Killed The Piece of Garbage She’d Be Facing The Death Penalty For Killing A Cop

  1. Megan says:

    I suppose the best we can hope for is that he’ll unofficially receive the death penalty at the hands of his fellow inmates when they find out he used to be a cop…

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