Maryland’s Marriage Derangement Syndrome-Fueled Transgendercide Agenda Mushes On…

From Joe. My. God.:

Yesterday lawmakers in Maryland introduced a marriage equality bill.

Most expect the bill to pass relatively easily. Anti-gay activists are already working on setting up a repeal referendum for the 2012 ballot.

A referendum which, of course, will succeed – as all ten thousand or so of them thus far have (sorry, but Arizona in 2006 was negated by Arizona in 2008), which begs the question…

Why isn’t gay Maryland energy instead being expended on the civil rights for trans people that were denied to us by gay deception in 2001?

Civil rights movement?

Bowel movement is more accurate.

And our lives are their toilet paper.

5 Responses to Maryland’s Marriage Derangement Syndrome-Fueled Transgendercide Agenda Mushes On…

  1. Kathleen says:

    In a related note – someone is arguing that a person needn’t be a paid employee of a group forbthem to be considered a real leader with real power, responsibility and authority.

    If they’re someone else. If they’re trans. If It’s convienant.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      And, of course, as it would turn out, if they’re FTM…


      Trans women? The mara Keisling-consecrated rationalization for never hiring trans women apparently still applies.

      Now don’t get me wrong – guys shouldn’t be discriminated against either. On the other hand, there always seems to be a bit of convenient malleability of terminology when gay-primacy-oids want to ‘prove’ that they don’t discriminate against trans people by waving the existence of people who will be assumed to be trans men.

      A sock puppeteth:

      Field Organizer Owen Smith “comes to Equality Maryland after several years of experience organizing on issues of gender identity and expression. He has taught workshops on various sex and gender issues for the last five years at gatherings on the East Coast. Owen has been producing and performing in a gender performance troupe called the Charm City Boys for eight years. He is also one of the founding members of Baltimore’s Team Trans, a grassroots group aimed at raising awareness and conducting trans-positive trainings. Owen is excited to bring a creative and innovative perspective to Equality Maryland. Owen is motivated to do social justice work because of the many ways in which oppression impacts various populations. His goal is to build strong programs and active, working coalitions in order to create real change and reach the goal of gender equality.”

      Alex Hickox on the EQMD Foundation’s board identifies as transgender. “Alex is an engineer by day and a photographer and drag king by night. Alex is a long-time member of the DC Kings and past performer with Baltimore’s own Charm City Boys. As a Navy Veteran, a transgendered person, a feminist and an anti-racism activist Alex brings a level of experience and diversity to the ongoing work of EQMD to advance equal treatment for all Marylanders. Alex resides in Prince George’s County with his fiancée.”

      So, lets parse this:

      – One board member who, at most, is a volunteer (and, if following the HRC model, is paying for the privilege); one person who might be gainfully employed at what is listed. NONE are trans women

      – A significant percentage of the listed experience for one is “producing and performing in a gender performance troupe”; a significant percentage of the listed experience for on is “drag king by night.” NONE are trans women. NONE evidence any professional or educational background in politics, policy or law. NONE – based purely on what is listed on the website of the former Free State Justice (the organization that ramrodded the gay-only law through in 2001) – can lead anyone to presume that either have any experience attempting to find post-transition employment.

      identifies as transgender

      Uh huh…

      I sat in the audience at a panel at Lav Law in DC in 2000 and saw Liz Seaton make the same claim…

      a year and a half after she, as a Free State Justice representative, gave the Maryland Legislature free rein to erase trans people from the bill it was considering in 1999 – and a few months before the MD Leg finished the political hate crime in 2001.

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