Maryland’s Transgendercide Agenda Marches Forward

Aided, of course, by the wall o’ all-gay-marriage-all-the-time gay media.

Is Queer Channel Media Inside? ‘Er Out?

The 2011 legislative session opened this week in Maryland with high hopes that one of the bluest of blue states will finally enact marriage equality.

The composition of the state Senate’s committees got a big shakeup and there are now enough supporters of the same-sex marriage bill to send it to the floor for a vote, where it should pass by a comfortable margin.

So the addition of trans people to Maryland’s now-ten-year-old gay-only rights law should be even easier than that, no?

I mean…

The same gays and lesbians who lied to the legislature in 2001 – by claiming that we were already covered by existing law even though they knew there was no such Maryland law to back up that claim – to prevent our lives from ever becoming a factor in the want that they wanted then immediately put ‘going back and adding trans people’ at the top of their agenda, right? 

So they’ve been ‘educating’ the legislature for the last decade, right? 

They didn’t just slink away from the scene of their anti-trans political hate crime and immediately begin planning how to shield all the money that they earn – through jobs that they know, but will never admit, they never had to compete against equally (or better) qualified trans people to get – from the inevitable estate tax monster, right?

Well, of course they did.

Because that’s what gay greedmeisters do – and they’re able to do it with the help of a marriage-monolith gay media.

Gov. Martin O’Malley may finally have the chance to sign a marriage equality bill. I’ve been hard on O’Malley on these pages over the past four years, after endorsing him for governor and supporting him as Baltimore mayor. He disappointed LGBT Marylanders after backing the state’s high court ruling rejecting same-sex marriage in 2007. At the time, O’Malley invited me to Annapolis for an on-the-record interview, which felt more like a confrontation. But I extracted a pledge from him during the interview — that he would sign a marriage equality bill if the legislature could pass it. I knew he wouldn’t expend any political capital fighting for it, so it would be up to the legislature and its LGBT caucus to advance the bill.

That work is now paying off and Sen. Richard Madaleno (D-Mont. County) deserves much of the credit. Madaleno and Del. Maggie McIntosh, who are both gay, along with key allies gay and straight, have worked hard behind the scenes to advance the bill. Assuming Republicans can’t filibuster it or overturn it via Prop 8-style ballot measure, Maryland’s same-sex couples could soon be walking the aisle. As a lifelong Marylander, it’s a development I never thought possible while growing up and testament to the dramatic pace of change occurring within the larger LGBT rights movement.

No – its testament to the fact that when gay con artists commit political crimes against trans people, they know that they will not only never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever have to pay any price for their duplicity and deception (and, if any of the Brennan-Avery axis’s blatantly dishonest claims that a handful of lower court decisions from Connecticut have any relevance whatsoever to Maryland law were made under oath in official testimony, perjury), but that the plague of Marriage Derangement Syndrome can always be counted upon sweep through the land and do to the political memory or ‘our community’ what Alzheimer’s ultimately did to Ronald Reagan’s brain.

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