And Guess Who Will Be the First to Express Shock and Surprise if a Workplace Shooting is the Result

I can’t emphasize this enough: I am NOT advocating or condoning anything of the like, but in an economy this bad, someone is going to fire an employee over something like this and not expect someting really, really ugly to happen eventually?

John Stone said that when he went to work Monday morning at Webb Chevrolet in Oak Lawn, he decided to wear a Green Bay Packers tie he’s had for years to honor his late grandmother, a huge Packers fan.

Little did he know that the seemingly innocent gesture would cost him his job, Stone said.

Stone said that when he showed up at work, general manager Jerry Roberts called him over to his office and then ordered him to take off the Packers tie or else he would be fired. Stone said he thought Roberts was joking and went back to work.

An hour later, Stone said, Roberts came to the showroom floor and again demanded he take off the tie. When he didn’t, he was fired, Stone said.

Yeh, even if the gramma story is true, perhaps the guy should have thought twice about wearing the tie after ‘Da Bears do ‘da choke against ‘Da Pack.

However, I’m not so much concerned about him or the asshole who fired him as I am about everyone else who works there – because if this guy does come back at some point with a gun, you know he’s not going to be mentally together enough to only take out the asshole whose hissy-in-the-form-of-firing initiated the events; there will be collateral damage – probably not just other employees but also customers.  Hence, irrespective of whatever legal rights that the asshole may have had as businessowner, he clearly doesn’t give a shit about the possibile ramifications of his management-class assholery.

Chevrolet, huh?


Hot dogs…

Apple pie, and…

Management-class assholes who fuck with people’s lives based on childish bullshit.

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