Dear ‘Advocate’: Just Merge With ‘People’ And Be Done With It

Yes, this is a trans-centerd blog and even I made mention of Jack LaLannes’s death – but, I’m not claiming that this blog is on the verge of going under, yadda, yadda, yadda…

Plus, I make no secret of feeling that the world needs more reflection of the life of Bill Hicks, not less..

In short, neither I nor this blog is The Advocate.

Of course, when you get down to it, neither is The Advocate – and hasn’t been for a looooooooooooooong time.


So why should a gay rag have anything to say about LaLanne’s death?

Were there rumors that he was gay?  I never heard any – and his wife Elaine was always there on every TVshow I saw him on.  That doesn’t mean he wasn’t a closet case – but the item currently up at the Advocate doesn’t say anything about anything of the like.  Its pretty much the same story you’ll find on any news or quasi-news site today.

Moreover, most of the comments up at the Advocate right now actually evince recollections of LaLanne being homophobic.

So what’s the deal?

If its bodybuilding, it must be gay-oriented?

Someone at the Adovate must have a Ph.D. in dogwhistling.

Up next, RuPaul’s expert advice column on transsexuality…

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