The Dog Whistleth

Queer Channel Media – again (of course):

After ‘Don’t Ask’ repeal, what’s next?

I’ll concede: There are a shitload of implementation issues.


How about not morphing DADT implementation into an excuse to bypass dealing with issues that far more people than the infinitessimal percentage of the LGB community who are in the military (BTW: The John was so fond of bellowing that trans people were holding 100 million – or 30 trillion or however many it was – million gay people hostage by inststing on inclusion in ENDA, remember?  What is the larger number: the number of gays in the military? Or the number of trans people overall? Methinks that in your heart you know the answer) need?

The Pentagon report on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” — published Nov. 30 — states that the Defense of Marriage Act prohibits the U.S. military from affording many benefits to same-sex partners of service members, but other benefits, such as death benefits and hospital visitation access, would still be available.

Sarvis said a combination of DOMA and other regulations prohibit gay service members from receiving the same benefits as their straight counterparts, but there is some leeway.

“There are some instances where the [defense] secretary has some authority with respect to definitional changes for dependents … but for most benefits, particularly involving spouses … DOMA is a big barrier,” Sarvis said.

Meet Pavlov’s DOMA.

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