How Bad Was the SNL Thing?

Even The John thought it was wrong:

A colleague defended the SNL skit by comparing it to lampooning Sarah Palin – isn’t it okay to make fun of people, he asked. Well, that’s the same as defending making fun of someone for being a “f-g” by saying “we make fun of other people too, so why not make fun of gays? Why are they off limits?” Well, it depends. Are the people you’re making fun of an oppressed minority that doesn’t have full and equal rights in our society? Are they beaten and murdered for who they are, do their young far too often kill themselves because of the perceived taint of who they are? Will they lose their job and their family for who they are?

Gay? Yes. Trans, yes. Sarah Palin? Not so much.

The issue isn’t “can’t we make fun of people?” It’s very much a question of who you’re making fun of and what you’re saying about them. When you use offensive stereotypes to belittle an oppressed minority, the joke is not satire or parody that somehow teaches us all a lesson about tolerance. Rather, like this skit, or the Ron Howard “that car is gay” joke in his recent movie, simply reinforces the prejudice….

You mean like calling bisexuals “part-time gays” in order to score anti-trans ENDA points?

That’s why the SNL skit was wrong.


That’s why, even though its nice to see The John take the position he’s taken regarding the SNL thing, just as with the ‘we thought The Simpsons’ 2005 gay marriage episode was okay even though it was even more transphobic than 2011’s Estro-Maxx, we lauded it and then, a week or so later, limpy chided it for being transphobic’ GLAAD…

I don’t buy the love.

7 Responses to How Bad Was the SNL Thing?

  1. Jenny says:

    the SNL ad I can understand, but what was going on with the Simpsons? Was it due to them treating transvestism as a novelty since they had mustaches? Otherwise it sounds a little bit like this:

    • Katrina Rose says:

      Actually, the image I included here was the least problematic trans-ish aspect of the episode (it just happened to be the one I could find.)

      The centerpiece of it was one of Marge’s sisters coming out and wanting to get married to her girlfriend – a pro golfer. However, the pro golfer was revealed to be a man pretending to be a woman to play on the women’s tour – not a transsexual, either pre- or post-op, but a man pretending to be a woman, the precise thing that trans-haters claim all trans women are under all circumstances.

  2. Jenny says:

    Ah, okay. Thanks. So the character himself didn’t consider himself a woman, thus wasn’t necessarily a transvestite?

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