Wouldn’t A Nest of 50 Zygotes be a Better Symbol?

And pro-life to boot!


I’m more pro-gun than a lot of people in LGBT land.  The Second Amendment means something (though, because of how badly worded it is, its impossible to be certain what.)  Plus, I grew up around guns and know what to and not to do with them.

But seriously…

Utah on the way to making handgun a state symbol

Is this really necessary?  I’ve been to Utah a few times.  I get that most of it is kinda dull – and I’m sure Mormonism makes things even duller.  But do people there need to project that much?  Clearly, they have no problem procreating; the penises can’t all be small – can they?

But beyond that…

While I am sure that Bum Phillips is as pro-gun as anyone backing the gun-as-symbol thing in Utah, I’m at a loss as to why he would be plucked out of the time stream from 1975…

 …to be a spokesman for it alongside some zombie woman.

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