Barney Frank Has Been in Congress Longer Than Hosni Mubarak Has Been President of Egypt

Why is that relevant?

Representative Barney Frank announced this morning he will run for re-election in 2012, ending months of speculation that the 70-year-old from Newton was ready to retire.Frank said in an interview his top priority is to defend the financial regulatory overhaul from Republican attempts to water it down or repeal it. The overhaul law passed last year was co-authored by Frank when he served as chairman of the House Financial Services Committee.

By announcing he is not stepping down, Frank puts pressure on Massachusetts lawmakers charged with re-drawing the state’s 10 congressional districts. If none of the other nine US House members voluntarily bow out, two will be forced to run against each other in 2012 because Massachusetts lost a seat due to population decline.

Mubarak became Egypt’s president in September of 1981.  St. Barney had already ascended to Capitol Hill in January of that year.

If Egyptians can force out Mubarak, hopefully Massachusetts politicos can push the unwilling St. Barney out by putting him up against another congresscritter in 2012.

There will never be an ENDA – much less a trans-inclusive one – as long as St. Barney is in Congress.

Moreover, forget the fact that he’s been sucking at the federal teat for over 30 years, that came after basking in the non-reality of the Massachusetts Legislature for eight years prior to that – meaning that not only has he never had to look for a ‘job’ in the real world as an openly gay man (kinda making it a bit ironic that he has anything whatsoever to say about ENDA, no?), he hasn’t had to look for a ‘job’ in the real world under any circumstances since I was in the third grade.

Of course, one can always just sit back and hope that the actuarial tables kick in a la Scoop Jackson.

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