Because Only the Little People Pay The Cost of Rigged Utility Monopolies Who Don’t Give a Damn About Whether Their Customers Live or Die

From the Houston Chronk:

Gov. Rick Perry headed out early for California (it’s a bit warmer than Texas), where he was already scheduled to celebrate what would have been Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday this weekend.

Perry went to California Wednesday and is going to spend the night on the USS Ronald Reagan, said spokesman Mark Miner, and has visited with business leaders “in his continuing effort to bring jobs to Texas.”

Perry’s critics raise eyebrows at his traveling at a time when the state’s facing a massive budget shortfall, not to mention the weather onslaught some have dubbed a “freeze-aster”.

We wouldn’t want his hair to freeze, now would we?


I mean any more than its already frozen.  Haircare product doesn’t count.

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