Wow – Looks Like I Was Only One Letter Off When I Started Calling it ‘The Shamvocate’

Shamvocate, Scamvocate.  What difference does one letter make anyway?

From a website I’m usually not too fond of citing favorably due to the seething transphobia of its commenter base:

We already knew Regent Media — owners of Out, The Advocate, here! TV,, and a slew of porn properties — was broke, destitute, scammy, bitchy, and at general risk of collapse. Little did we know the company’s proprietors may be behind a $90 million scam involving two huge Wall Street banks.

In order to score $90 million in loans from Bank of America and Merrill Lynch, Regent allegedly created fake movie licensing and distribution deals and passed them off to the banks as legitimate contractual relationships that would drive future revenue. The banks, of course, needed reason to believe Regent would have the ability to pay back its debts based on earnings to come. The fake agreements, the banks claim in a fraud and breach of contract lawsuit filed against Regent, were purposefully drafted by the company to trick the banks, with Regent allegedly knowing full well its deals were crap.

This is why the refusal of the LGB populace to acknowledge how Gay, Inc., fucks over trans people is so problematic.  You know there had to be a few gays and/or lesbians among the banking-oids who signed off on this crap.  But what are the odds that they either actually were of the Federal Club class (and, as such, are no better than the Scamvocate-oids) or are rank-and-file (albeit well-heeled) LGBs who have been convinced by self-serving spin that the Scamvocate isn’t a transphobic rag that deceives people into believing that, somehow, its a voice for the entire ‘community’? 

If more people were more aware of how the Scamvocate has a track record of being as transphobic as HRC – which has a track record of, well…, you know – then these perpetrators of institutionalized transphobia would be less likely to be able to get away with either their ‘we really give a damn about whether trans people live or die’ scams or their queer finance scams.

Good riddance, Scamvocate.

If there’s any justice at all, you Regent clowns will end up in cell with Pee Wee Solmonese after he’s finally brought up fraud charges over his 2007 Southern Comfort speech.

2 Responses to Wow – Looks Like I Was Only One Letter Off When I Started Calling it ‘The Shamvocate’

  1. Kathleen says:

    Your horoscope for today:

    You will be taking a long journey – perhaps to Brazil.

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