I Can Think of One That Doesn’t

Pitifilness from Pee Wee:


What would a business that:

  • has been in operation for 31 years;
  • has engaged in rampant fraud against trans people and our allies by making specific claims of support – claims that were proven to be lies even as they were being uttered – which, in turn, must be presumed to have been the direct enticement for some people to donate money to and/or join the organization;
  • years before that, had to be badgered into acknowledging that trans people’s lives were relevant enough to matter;
  • has had one out FTM employee (for roughly a year and a half – almost a decade ago);
  • has had one other employee who, in e-mails to me, would claim to be FTM but whose existence as a trans employee of HRC is almost as thoroughly cyber-cloaked as the average Klingon warship;
  • as a CYA measure following its 2007 re-exposure as America’s cesspool of transphobia, hired a token MTF who was all-but-unknown to the trans community and whose ‘qualifications’ to work for an advocacy organization that claims to care about trans issues was not in law or politics but in christian preaching – bypassing the dozens of trans attorneys and policy experts who actually have relevant LGBT advocacy experience but who are un- or under-employed due to the pervasive anti-trans discrimination of gay people and gay organizations


Well, I can think of what it isn’t – namely an organization that is


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