Any Equality Except Trans Equality

From Marriage Vomit Central:

Maryland’s same-sex marriage bill gets its first hearing in the Senate on Tuesday, Feb. 8 beginning at 1 p.m. in Annapolis. Those interested in testifying have until 12:45 p.m. that day to register, but a Senate spokesperson today warned that large crowds are expected so anyone planning to attend should arrive early.

Maryland’s Senate has 47 members; 24 votes are needed for passage. The Baltimore Sun reported this weekend that the marriage bill has 20 solid supporters, with six senators so far declining to express a position on the bill. They are:

  • Sen. John Astle, Anne Arundel County Democrat (800-492-7122              800-492-7122      , x3578)
  • Sen. Joan Carter Conway, Baltimore Democrat (800-492-7122              800-492-7122      , x3145)
  • Sen. Ulysses Currie, Prince George’s County Democrat (800-492-7122              800-492-7122      , x3127)
  • Sen. Edward Kasemeyer, Baltimore and Howard counties Democrat (800-492-7122              800-492-7122      , x3653)
  • Sen. Katherine Klausmeier, Baltimore County Democrat (800-492-7122              800-492-7122      , x3620)
  • Sen. James Rosapepe, Prince George’s County Democrat (800-492-7122              800-492-7122      , x3141)

If you live in one of these Senators’ districts, activists urge that you call to express your view of marriage equality as soon as possible.

And I encourage all of you to call and express the following view: The word marriage has no business being uttered until the trans equality bill is signed into law by the governor, so vote NO until trans people are equal to gays in Maryland.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m particularly fond of the bill that Free State Just Us ,er…, (In)Equality Maryland is actually trying to shove down everyone’s throats.  But, under no circumstances should anyone support the gay marriage bill until, at the very least, the trans employment bill becomes law.  In fact, I hereby explicitly call for active opposition to the gay marriage bill until such time as gays and lesbians can no longer discriminate against trans people in Maryland.

6 Responses to Any Equality Except Trans Equality

  1. IN-Equality Maryland in IN-human in supporting legislature that if proposed for canines would be opposed by animal rights activists as Inhumane treatment of animals.

    There is no acceptable rational for there involvement in a bill that would for all practical purposes make it ILLEAGLE for transgender people to use the restroom.

    I will call these senators even though I don’t live there.

  2. TransGriot says:

    Why not? NOM damned sure is, so why shouldn’t we help our trans brothers and sisters out?

    • Katrina Rose says:

      I think it would do everyone good if one of these gay greed marriage bills gets derailed and everyone knows that it was the result of trans people refusing to bend over and spread for gay greed marriage.

      • genderqueer riff raff says:

        I fully agree Kat. Marriage is not a priority its does nothing to protect anyone from Job discrimination, public accommodations and the willful disregard for Trangender needs is despicable , makes me want to spit nails. And further more NO bill is better than any kind of ENDA that leaves Trans peeps behind and does not include Public Accommodations. When is GAYinc gonna learn that IF Trans people aren’t protected nobody is. nobody.

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