Not As Many As Religion Has – But Why Let Facts Get in Your Way, Eh?

Emergency! Emergency!  A rush order of Dimoxinil is needed in Iowa!  Someone’s brain has frozen!

And that someone would be state Rep. Dwayne Alons, christianist Republican (really? you had to ask?) of Hull, someone who thinks that Iowa, a state with a declining job, tax and economic base, needs to make amending Iowa’s constitution to outlaw same-sex marriage the state’s top priority.

Alons was asked about a seminar series associated with the influential social conservative organization The Family Leader that presents homosexuality and its “second-hand effects” as a public health threat. He responded that homosexuality “has brought a lot of problems to society.”

From Think Progress:

TP: And what kind of negatives, do you think?

ALONS: Well, look at all that has been spent, you know, with the AIDS and with the issues related to the dying at an early age. I think life, longevity, of a lot of these folks is below 50, when you know, the normal people that do not enter into that kind of relationship, their either late into their 70s or early 80s for longevity. A lot more actual productive years and contributing to society. […]

The claim that being a homosexual reduces an individual’s life span has been widely discredited.

During the 2010 Republican Party of Iowa convention in Des Moines, Alons formally nominated Bob Vander Plaats to be Gov. Terry Branstad‘s lieutenant governor. Vander Plaats is now the president and CEO of The Family Leader, which serves as an umbrella organization for the Iowa Family Policy Center and Marriage Matters. In an interview with The Iowa Independent, Vander Plaats denied involvement in the seminar series.

Because all anti-constitutionist christianist psychopaths just must be taken at their word, eh?

As soon as the Republican christianist party dictators-wannabee begin to descend on Iowa for the 2012 caucus seasonm expect people like Alons and, moreso, Vander Plaats to become more and more visible and to infect what will then be an Iowa-centric national discourse.

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