All Going According to Plan…For Gay Marriage in Maryland

In response to an InEquality Maryland facebook posting which read:

We were amazed by all those folks who came out to lobby for LGBT equality tonight at the statehouse.

We find the following:

So, in case that isn’t clear:

  • “the transgender bill seems to be getting overshadowed by the marriage bill.”
  • “Talked to Robey and thanked him for supporting marriage equality and brought the transgender non-discrimination bill to his attention. He said it was the first he’d heard about the bill

But, when the real agenda for Free State Just Us is all gay marriage, all the time…

…why should this be surprising?

But, alas, there is this high-quality blog-ish posting from InEquality Maryland:

No, I didn’t doctor it.

And look, I’m not perfect when it comes to compu-stuph; I screw up font formatting here more often than I like.

However, I’m not getting paid to be the mouthpiece for anything.

InEquality Maryland, though, is the mouthpiece for something – and it ain’t an honest discussion of the legal realities of trans life and it damn sure ain’t an honest critique of Marriage Derangement Syndrome in Maryland:

Yes, on the eve of what was represented as a lobby day on both marriage and trans rights, InEquality was pimping the Kerry Eleveld ENDA-extermination propaganda, which led to this exchange:

Gotta love that ‘marriage is incremental because the feds won’t recognize it’ pap.

So if gays get marriage in Maryland this year and trans people remain unqual to them, what would that be?

Reverse incremental?

Double-reverse incremental?



You know…

As in: Those temperamental spoiled rich gays and lesbian brats couldn’t be patient and follow through on the promise thay made to trans people a decade ago and, instead, have thrown a fit and forced the entire agenda to kowtow to what they want – which is gay marriage.

2 Responses to All Going According to Plan…For Gay Marriage in Maryland

  1. Kathleen says:

    The trick is – the Red Queen is never really on the table.

    “Any grifter who spiels the nuts or tosses the broads will superimpose on his regional and social dialect certain synthetic elements which can be best described as a kind of artificial platform English. It is used to control people of a certain kind for a certain purpose. It must be clear and plainly understood. It glories in excesses of hypercorrectness, both in usage and pronunciation. Its intonation, stress, and juncture pattern is time-tested and guaranteed, when used by a master, to produce exactly the human responses which the grifter needs to operate his racket.

    —David Maurer, The American Confidence Man, p. 258.

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