Do People Who Work at Sex Toy Shops Count as “Young Professionals”?

I’m just askin’…

I’m still askin’…

And I won’t stop askin’….

That’s how they marginalize us. They don’t go into the local department store, the shoe store, or the coffee shop and show regular folk doing regular jobs. EQMD drags their plantation mentality selves in front of the lemmings and say “Lookie, our little trannies provide excellent customer service.”

EQMD mentions Sugar as a “novelty shop” and the owner calls it a “retail store,” but their website clearly identifies it as a “sex toy shop.” I guess “out and proud” doesn’t apply when you’re asking clergy in Annapolis to celebrate how loving and committed you are.

They paint us into a caricature of what many churchgoers might consider a “sleazy” job with obvious sexual overtones. It’s bad enough that Jerry Springer does that. But this is coming from a so called “civil rights organization.”

As I recall it was the same sex toy shop where Equality Maryland held a fund raising event last week. I have a problem with that. What a lovely way to tell the Christian community whom they want to vote for marriage equality that they are just normal “loving and committed couples.” It’s just dumb EQMD.

Don’t drag us down to your level.

And I won’t stop tellin’….

11 Responses to Do People Who Work at Sex Toy Shops Count as “Young Professionals”?

  1. Kathleen says:

    Given the stereotypes trans face, that a supposed LGB…t political organization doesn’t see the messaging problems inherent in portraying trans people as “providing excellent customer service” in the sex industries – is ‘effin astounding.

    Given all the places trans people are employed – choosing this says much about those crafting this bill and the lack of strategy to pass either it or a comprehensive civil rights bill.

    They accept the transpohia held by much of society themselves. If they didn’t, they would challenge assumptions like this and that public accommodation concerns have some validity; rather than implicitly validating them by their actions and words.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      they would challenge assumptions like this

      But if they did that, then people might start asking if Free State Just Us even considered a trans woman (or any trans person) for Morgan Meneses-Sheets’ position when it hired her.

  2. Jenny says:

    Hang on, are you agreeing with Dana or what? Because I’m getting a vibe of “You sex shop transgendered employees are making us transgendered people with conventional jobs look bad! No anti discrimination rights for you.”

    • Katrina Rose says:

      Uh, no…

      What I’m disagreeing with is the implicit gay party line of ‘When we say we believe in anti-discrimination protection for trans people what we mean is that trans anti-discrimination protections should be limited to sex shops and other places where trans people’s jobs are to be trans objects. What? You mean you want us well-heeled gay lawyers to say that trans lawyers are equal to us and that we should actually have to shre working space with them? Pish, posh.’

      Part of the gay strategy of ensuring that gays never have to suffer the indignity of tryly being no longer legally superior to trans people is equating, in the public eye, trans people and sex work (of any and all varieties.)

      Sex work (and sex shops) should not be illegal, but if six- and seven-figure starched white gays and lesbians want to say that the limits of trans equality is sex work (or for that matter, as many told me when I graduated from law school, burger-flipping), then they’ve got a fight on their hands.

      • Jenny says:

        Okay, just curious. I meant to aim my comment at Dana, not you. My apologies.

      • Katrina Rose says:

        Not a prob.

        I can’t speak for Dana, but I didn’t take her comment as being an inherently negative view of such work; I read it as her being upset that we all were being appropriated and defined by our gay oppressors.

  3. friday jones says:

    I worked in a gay sex toy shop in San Jose for a year, and as a trans woman, I was harassed and oppressed by customers, my employers, and a couple of my fellow employees, and eventually fired despite giving great customer service that my cis co-workers often told me was admirable. But us trans people are just too weird to tolerate, I guess.

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