How Long Will America Tolerate the Walking, (Non-)Talking, Systemic Corruption That is Clarence Thomas?

So the definition of ‘token’ can’t be bothered to speak during hearings

Who cares?

But the fact that he apparently was bought and paid for by anti-constitutionist interests?

Clarence Thomas is falling into a deep, deep ethical hole, deeper even than the one he dropped into when he failed to disclose his wife’s income for 20 years. As more facts come to light, it’s obvious he failed to disclose quite a bit, including the $100,000 Citizens United spent on his behalf in 1991 to support his nomination. That would be an in-kind contribution which should have been disclosed as such.

So Citizens United pays to produce and air an ad with the stated intention of bullying “the left” into silence over his nomination, and Clarence Thomas fails to disclose that before hearing last year’s Citizens United case that corrupted our election process?

How long can this filthy, corrupt, anti-constitutionist asshole be permitted to continue to have any influence on American law?  We all know that the filthy, corrupt, anti-constitutionist assholes who control the U.S. House – most of whom directly owe their current political offices to the Citizens United decision – will never allow him to be impeached.  So, President Obama and A.G. Holder, this one is on YOU.  Clarence Thomas is a criminal.  Deal with him as you know that you would deal with a dope dealer who might happen to look like Clarence Thomas – because what Clarence Thomas is pushing is deadlier than plutonium-laced crack cocaine.

One Response to How Long Will America Tolerate the Walking, (Non-)Talking, Systemic Corruption That is Clarence Thomas?

  1. transgriot says:

    How long? Until we get a majority in the House again to begin impeachment proceedings.

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