Gov. Hosni Mubarak (R – Wis.)

From CNN:

A left-leaning website that union supporters used to rally protesters in Wisconsin was partially blocked as demonstrators gathered in the state Capitol over a controversial budget bill.The website,, could not be accessed on Monday and into Tuesday morning in the Capitol building, where crowds assembled over proposed legislation that would increase the costs of benefits to public employees and curb their collective-bargaining rights.

Wisconsin Democratic Party press secretary Graeme Zielinski blamed Gov. Scott Walker and Republican lawmakers — who returned to work Tuesday — for causing the outage.

“In a direct assault on the First Amendment, Scott Walker’s administration is blocking access in the Wisconsin Capitol to opposition websites,” Zielinski said.

The governor’s spokesman, Cullen Werwie, responded Tuesday, calling the accusation “a lie.”

Oh yeh…

Because someone who got himself elected on promises of jobs but who, once in office, only has shown an interest in obliterating jobs and turning Wisconsin government into a branch of Koch Industries is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo believable.

One Response to Gov. Hosni Mubarak (R – Wis.)

  1. transgriot says:

    The only good Republican is an out of office one…

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