Republicanism = Economic Treason

And its treason that should be prosecuted:

So what is the huge dust-up in Madison really all about? It’s about the Walker administration’s desire to destroy collective bargaining, of course. It’s also about sticking public workers with the bill for the cost of new Republican tax cuts to business, and about Walker grabbing more power from the legislature and taking control of administrative rule-making.

But you know what else it’s about? It’s about a system so rotten and corrupt that while all the conservative posturing is focused on those mean, nasty labor unions that won’t let Repubilcans do whatever they want, the Walker administration is busy shipping state government work to India.

In a Feb. 13 commentary in the Wisconsin State Journal (see URL in source list), Jill Hynum reported that the state Department of Health Services in January signed a contract with Deloitte Consulting involving information systems for SeniorCare among other income maintenance programs.

Hynum wrote that DHS could scale back the contract by adding information technology professionals to state staff and doing much of the work in-house at less cost. She concluded:

Why is DHS preapring to spend over $30 million a year on one information system when times are so tough? It won’t create jobs for Wisconsin residents since most of Deloitte’s workforce is subcontracted from India.

Republican treason orthodoxy: Better that people in India work, than Americans work union.

If there is justice, there will be a prosecution – the result of which will have Scott Walker sharing a condo with Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

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