Okay, yes, if the guy at the center of this story is guilty, then, well…

The head of Enid’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Center was arrested this week after being accused of molesting a child.Nathan Bowen, 32, was arrested on a complaint of lewd molestation of a minor child, Enid police Detective Nick John said.

Bowen’s attorney, Brittany Novotny, released a statement on his behalf Tuesday night declaring his innocence. Novotny said the accuser is a 15-year-old who met Bowen on Saturday and then volunteered to do chores at the center Sunday.

“While they worked on chores, the teenaged accuser, who is physically larger than Mr. Bowen, began kissing Mr. Bowen and requesting that he have sex with him,” Novotny said. “When Mr. Bowen refused to have sex with the teenaged accuser, the teen became visibly angry and said, ‘I always get what I want.’ Mr. Bowen believes forensic examination of all the evidence will confirm that Mr. Bowen did not have sex with the teenaged accuser.”

On the other hand, one of my first cases involved a small-of-stature gay adult man who was charged with ‘assault’ (not sexual, though given that it was Texas I actually am surprised that that wasn’t tossed in by the prosecutor for the hell of it) on a minor who, though a minor, outweighed him by at least a benjamin and towered over him by the better part of a foot – and the ‘assault’ was actually the gay man fighting back against a gay-bashing and, according to the only real rule of football, he got caught throwing the second punch. 

Consequently, what I’m saying is: However much the surely-to-spread-like-toadstools headlines related to this story may make you cringe, don’t merely listen to what the accused’s lawyer, Brittany Novotny, has to say but understand that the events easily could have transpired exactly as she’s saying.

And yet, none of that is why I decided to post about the story.  This is:

Whether innocent or guilty, Bowen has more important concerns right now, but I’m going to say something about it anyway.

Enough with the fucking barrage of marketing bullshit!

This guy’s charged with a serious crime (and, however much the person who Brittany lost to in her legislative race last fall thinks that Oklahoma is its own country, Oklahoma is actually subject to that lil’ ol’ principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty’) and not only does he have his face put up on the web – he gets an insurance ad layered on top it?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Yes, an ad.

‘news9consumer’ is not a news outlet:

Where’s Bill Hicks when we need him?



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