Treading on Thin Ice: A Trans Woman Speaks Facts

Uh oh…

Looks like Gwen Smith isn’t going to get an invite to San Francisco’s Humunculous Regurgitated Crap gala this year:

Repeal of DADT had built some visible momentum in the last few months leading up to the vote, which meant it was simply, seductively easy to go forward with it. Even given the support of ENDA over DADT, I suspect it was viewed as the easier “sell” both in and outside the Beltway. Then, after its passage, it gets so much easier to slap pictures of servicemen all over the nice, little fundraising letters that end up in my trash can.

Meanwhile – and this will be no surprise to anyone – DADT does not prevent the discharge of transgender servicemen or women. Gender identity or expression doesn’t enter into it. While I am sure that some still-closeted transgender people will benefit from the repeal, it doesn’t do anything to help those who may be out about their status.

So the net gain for transgender people? Effectively nothing.

Meanwhile, we still don’t have the employment protections of ENDA. Protections that, given the current economy and obvious dearth of jobs, would have served a great deal more people than the repeal of DADT.

And now, in the wake of the passage of the DADT repeal, we’re still not hearing a lot about the possibility of ENDA in 2011. Rather, the push is on for a repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Oh no! A trans woman sees how the arc of LGBT history has been bent (pun intended) and actually is saying that she sees how its been happening! 

Call the InsidersOut police!

Call the InsidersOut police!

Call the InsidersOut police!

One Response to Treading on Thin Ice: A Trans Woman Speaks Facts

  1. transgriot says:

    ‘Truth tellers are not always palatable. There’s a preference for candy bars.’ Gwendolyn Brooks

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