C’Mon, Admit it…You Actually Thought You Were Dealing With Benny HILL

Objective analysis, of course, will show that, two decades dead, Benny Hill is of more use to humanith than Benny Hinn ever will be.

Christian publisher Strang Communications has sued evangelist Benny Hinn, claiming he violated a moral clause in a book agreement and owes the company more than $250,000.

“Strang discovered that Mr. Hinn was engaged in a public, romantic and otherwise inappropriate relationship with another high-profile minister, who was divorced,” according to the suit, filed Feb. 15 in a Seminole County, Fla., circuit court.

The company said it learned of the relationship last summer when Hinn was divorcing his wife, Suzanne Hinn. At that time there were news reports that Hinn was seen holding hands with evangelist Paula White of Without Walls International Church in Tampa, Fla.

The suit alleges that Hinn, based in Irving, admitted to the publisher that he had an “inappropriate relationship with the other minister” and was obligated to repay advances for three future books.

“A friendship did develop,” Hinn said of White, after the National Enquirer published a photo of the two of them in Rome last year. “Hear this: No immorality whatsoever. These people out there are making it sound like we had an affair. That’s a lie.”

A faith healer professional (and inexplicably unprosecuted) con artist is willing to get into a pissing match about honesty?

This will be more of a train wreck than Lisa Marie Presley’s singing career.

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