Half Truths = Full Lies

Yet another effort to merge the LGBT rights movement with religion – this time from Free State Just Us and in the form of yet more pro-HB 235 disinformation:

As a member of the clergy actively working with congregants in Harford County, I feel it is important to be an advocate on behalf of equal treatment for all.  I am often compelled to take my ministry to Annapolis each legislative session in hopes that Maryland, as the “Free State” will adhere to laws that help it come to its fullness by honoring the dignity of all its constituents.  I am blessed to be serving a congregation that supports this advocacy.

Well, as usual when I see something like that, I wonder if Lisa Ward’s definition of “all” includes those who want tnothing to do with the delusion of religion.  But I digress.

The Maryland General Assembly is currently considering House Bill 235, the Gender IdentityAnti-Discrimination Act.  This bill would provide protections based on gender identity and expression under our state’s anti-discrimination laws in the areas of jobs and housing.

Fact-based – although it doesn’t point out that this would not simply be adding trans people to what gays and lesbians concocted for themselves in 2001.  They got public accommodaions as well.

Ordinarily that paragraph might not qualify as a half-truth which equals a lie.

However, in light of the con job that Free State Just Us is trying to pull?

Well, I think we all know what this is.

Discrimination weakens the fabric of society, not only in limiting full participation of all people but also in implicitly encouraging incivility and violence toward fellow citizens.   When the State indicates by statute, or lack thereof, that some citizens are more worthy of basic rights than others, then the State encodes discrimination which leads to unfair practices, crippling exclusions and oppression.  The cost alone of discrimination, whether monetary, moral or spiritual, should compel lawmakers to extend the anti-discrimination statute to include gender identity.

Here’s where the rhetorical switcheroo takes place.  First, she had said – technically accurately – that HB 235 would afford trans people coverage in the areas of housing and employment.  Now, she’s talking about discrimination in general (ironically, by saying how wrong it is for the state to say that some citizens are more worthy of basic rights than others – which is precisely what Maryland’s gays and lesbians demanded and got for themselves in 2001.)

She speaks in singular of “the anti discrimination statute,” as if HB 235 is the cure.

Well, we all know that for public accommodations it isn’t.

We cannot have a democratic republic without the aspiration of equanimity.  Each citizen must be given the same opportunities and equal regard under the law. 

Sounds good – though, if you believe it, I have to ask you why you’d follow it with this:

I encourage my fellow citizens and people of faith to call their legislators in support of House Bill 235.

HB 235 will not afford each citizen “the same opportunities and equal regard under the law.”  It will allow gays and lesbians to retain their legal superiority to trans people in the area of public accommodations.

If you think that’s a compromise that has to be made, then that’s what you think – and you may well be truly of the belief that that’s all that can be done and that you’re truly acting in trans people’s best interests in doing so.

But don’t lie to me – and others – with deceptive half truths in order to get us to make a mal-informed choice to do it your way.

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