Public Accommodations

They include restaurants (and would even if there were no such things as excretory bodily functions or places where such issues occasionally have to be addressed.)  Fact-free, 21st Century official gay America – which includes things like Free State Just Us, er…, Inequality, er…, ‘Equality’ Maryland – would have you either believe otherwise or simply not think about it at all, but for every pathetic, mix-n-match pro-HB 235 statement that those who have public accommodations protections already and who will continue to have them even if HB 235 becomes law put forth, I’ll give you a governor of a Midwestern state:

Scott Walker Asked to Leave Local Restaurant

The juicy bits aren’t all there at the moment, though.  As Naomi Houser of Mind Stain has posted:

Come looking for an article about Scott Walker being booted from a Madison restaurant? Yes, you came to the right place, but at the request of the restaurant owner due to abusive phone calls, the article has been hidden for the time being.

This raises a wonderful point. Why should a restaurant owner be afraid to refuse service to any person? Would the same people have started calling that restaurant and making threats if the person they asked to leave was Black? Muslim? Democrat? No. No they would not.

Or, how about, if the incident happened in, instead of Madison Wisconsin, lets say: Frostburg, Maryland.

And, how about, if the incident involved, instead of a teabagger, future-convicted-felon Republican governor of Wisconsin, lets say: a transsexual woman lawyer just driving through and, upon getting hungry whilst driving on I-68, exited off at Frostburg and found a cool burger joint.

If that burger joint had a sign in its window which read:

who would say anything?

Who would have time to say anything what with all the marriage plannin’ goin’ on, eh?


2 Responses to Public Accommodations

  1. Kathleen says:

    Hell – they include supermarkets.

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