So What’s The Education Been Done On?

Seen recently on Facebook – a reponse to a letter (e-mail?) in favor of both the marriage bill and the trans bill:


Thank you for your e-mail in support of marriage equality legislation. I appreciate your input.

I am pleased to report that I’ve signed on as a co-sponsor of the marriage equality bill [The Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act]. I believe this is a civil right and will be happy to vote in favor.

As to protections for gender identity anti-discrimination, I’m not as familiar with the relevant issues, but I’d be likely to support that as well. 

Feel free to contact me again on this or other issues.


Del. Dana Stein

So, what exactly have the LGB(T) advocates been advocatin’ and educatin’ about for all these years?

Well, in your heart, you know what the answer is.

*I’m not including the name because I’m not sure how public the person wants this to be.  (I know, I know…that just doesn’t fit in with the Seattle Santorum narrative of what I’m all about.  Oh well….)

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